The Adventures of Sunshine Mouth and the 10 year old Dad~A Comedy


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It had been a long day on the dry Kansas farm. Sunshine Mouth exited the barn where he had spent all day tending to his marijuana crop, and filled his mouth full of rich, moist tobacco. After giving a sigh of relief and feverishly scratching his buttcheeks, he headed for the house where Pa was finished making supper. "Where ya been all day, ya c0ck ass?" griped his dad as he plopped two large helpings of beef stew on Sunshine's plate. "Been in the barn all day, pa. Just making sure the weed ain't gone bad" retorted Sunshine as he shoveled the stew into his mouth hole. The old man gave him a grimace and stormed off into the living room to casually watch a porno like it wasn't nothing. 10 year old dad had not been seen all day, and Sunshine was starting to get worried. "Hey paw.." Sunshine Mouth called out, but his dad snapped, "Not now, goddamnit!" and threw a pillow from the couch into Sunshine's face. Pissed, Sunshine promptly pulled out his penis and began urinating all over the dinner table and laughing heavily. "Hey daddy!" Sunshine called out as his father's eyes met his own, "How about this shit?!" The old man, absolutely stricken with rage, jumped from the couch and grabbed a skillet from the kitchen shelf, ready to pummel that pissing son of a b1tch into the dirt.

By some strange coincidence, The 10 year old dad rushed into the kitchen from outside before the shit went down. The old man, skillet raised high and pants round his ankles, looked to the 10 year old dad and then towards Sunshine Mouth. "Your luckier than hell he showed up," the old man grumbled as he dropped the skillet on the piss soaked table and trotted off back to enjoy his pron. The 10 year old dad looked at his best friend, who was fully exposed, and promptly slapped him 'cross the face. "You can't be pissin on your old dad's table like that!" he shouted, "You'll make him so mad that he'll die of a heart attack!" Sunshine Mouth rubbed his spanked face cheek and said, "Yeah well, maybe that old dirty dick needs to die soon. Anyways, we going out to the lake or not?"

The 10 year old dad gave a nod of approval and Sunshine rushed into the living room to grab his jean jacket and a handful of mullet polish. "Hey pa," Sunshine called out from the bathroom as he slicked down his greasy blond mullet and looked at his yellow stained teeth "I'm going to the docks with 10 year old dad and the girls. I'll be back later." The old man, who was fixated on his girl on pig action, gave forth a "yeah, whatever" and adjusted his bifocals to get a better look of the tv screen. Sunshine looked into the mirror, pleased with the results, snapped his fingers and pointed at his reflection. "You gonna take all night in there, you dairy queen?!" barked his pa, "Cuz I gotta take one helluva shit. That stew went right through me, I got some bad muddbutt." The old man grabbed Sunshine and threw him from the bathroom into the front lawn, breaking him through the living room window. "And that's for pissin on my table, bastard!" screamed the old man through the bathroom door as Sunshine and 10 year old dad ran from the house into 10 year old dad's wagon.

Part 2:

So, nightfall had come and Sunshine & 10 year old had just reached the lake; where the girls were already waiting. Sally May, the elder of the two girls and 10 year old's wife, swiftly approached 10 and open palm smacked him on the pecker. Dropping to his knees in utter shambles, 10's pain was met with diarrhea so explosive, it blew his pants off in a chocolate thunder gust. "Whut the hale took yer so lung, TEN?!" snapped 10 year old dad's already inebriated wife. Still grabbing his injured manhood, Sunshine Mouth helped Ten to the feet (all the time Sunshine covered his nuts.. he wasn't about to get smacked in the balls for no reason) "We got caught up running from Sunshine's daddy, you crazy b1tch!" screamed 10 year old, voice in a high pitch from the nut pounding. Lemme say right now, Ten Year old Dad was, in fact, not ten years old or a father. No one knew his real name, the rumor was that name got spread around when he entered 3rd grade with Sunshine about 18 years ago. The teacher, Ms. Lockheart, asked Ten for his name during role call, and ten responded by saying: "T'aint got one." Ms. Lockheart asked again, in a more serious tone, and Ten lost it. He started jerkin' it like a wild animal and humping all the furniture in the class. The entire time he was screaming, "Just call me daddy!!" and he was 10 at the time, so it stuck.

Now 28 and still in 3rd grade with Sunshine, 10 year old was a lot calmer, but still dumb as hell. But let's not forget Sunshine Mouth's story. Born into the Kansas plains under the name "Oprah Winfrey", Sunshine was a very insane child. His Paw was a retired WWII Vet and his mother was a local cow from the dairy farm.. no, I'm serious. Sunshine somehow did not develop any Cow like features, but his mother was indeed a tired old Bovine in the field across the road. When Oprah's cow mom decided to divorce his war hero father and strike it big in a fetish mag, Sunshine swore to never brush his teeth from then on, and henceforth go by "Sunshine Mouth." Did I mention Sunshine has the IQ of a retard made of rocks? But on with the story.

As Ten year old laid back in the lake water, putting an Ice cold beer on his sack to numb the pain; Sunshine darted eyes at his Ex-wife, Big Bertha Billies. Catching his glance, Bertha cracked a beer bottle over her head and grabbed Sunshine by his collar. "You lookin' at me cross-ways, you queer sum b1tch?" She asked loudly as she shot daggers into his eyes. Sunshine smirked and raised his hands in the air and said "Hey now baby, let's not be like this. Remember our Honeymoon in Orlando?" All of a sudden, Sunshine's eyes became glaring beams of hate as he stared into his ex's pupils and flicked his tongue wildly, as to try to entice her. She laughed hard and said, "Your black magic voodoo bull shit don't work on me anymore, 'Shine." She then tossed Sunshine like a ragdoll, clear across the lake's black abysmal surface, and She also stomped on 10's balls. "AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!" Ten year old screamed as loud as he possibly could, hands frozen in pain and his thin black hair standing up in shock. Bertha and Sally exchanged a liplock, obviously they had been gay lovers then entire time, and screamed in triumph, "Your never getting this wagon back, boys! Neeeeevvveeerrr!!!"


More to come again :cool:
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I was ****ing dying throughout :laugh: :rofl:
The piss on the table, the casual pron, the muddbutt, the helluva shit and of course, the :mullet:

In my mind, this is Sunshine


And this is Grandpa
:laugh: :rofl: :laugh: Dude, that's EXACTLY what I had pictured for Pa and Sunshine :rofl:

Glad you thought it was funny, I'll add the last piece up here soon.


Also TaBB this story is awesome. I want the next part already. I lol'd hard.
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F*cking loved it!
Humping funiture while screaming "Just call me daddy!!!"

That stole the show for me bro :rofl:
This story shall never cease :twisted:

I crave this shit, as we all do.
That Tim and Eric gif just made my night :rofl:
Thanks man, I'll actually try to make this last as long as possible :laugh: