Telegraph Preview Hands On

He's probably mis-worded it as 26 characters + 2 DLC to come.

Basically he's saying 12 unlocked at start + 14 locked + 2 DLC.
I think the DLC buttons on the select screen will open up a separate select screen to choose characters downloaded as DLC. If that's true then that opens up a lot of room for DLC characters. Just a thought.
Guy had 14 characters available in his demo and figured that was the starting roster -- another reason newspapers should get a staff of gamers as opposed to a tech guru to write for them.
Sure seems to me like he isn't informed, but rather taking some of this stuff at face value based on the demo that he was given access to. I saw a video recently (can't remember which one) and it had a very similar character layout where about half were unlocked and half were locked, with 2 "DLC" slots clearly showing at the bottom. I bet that he was looking at something very similar and assumes all of those slots will be locked when the game releases. Realistically, the entire cast from MK1, MKII, and MK3 will probably be unlocked from the get-go and we'll have maybe 4 or 5 unlockable and playable characters including Kratos for the PS3.