Tag-team mode: some questions


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Will I be able to play:
1) With my friends, in 2 vs 2 where I control Team 1 and he controls Team 2?
2) With my friends, versus CPU where he and I control one character per team?
3) Versus CPU in 2 vs 2?
4) I finished the questions.​

OH, sorry for the english and thanks for future replies ;-D
So do you think me and my brother can't play versus CPU in same team? :'(
Thanks anyway orange nickname guy ;}
You and your brother want to play on the SAME team vs the CPU? that's what you're asking?

If it's easier for you to explain in Spanish do so.
Here is a question.

How is Shang Tsung going to work out with tag team? Since he can morph into any character?
I just hope that you cn play with a friend against people online I mean your friend would be sittin right next to you. I'd also like you and your friend to be able to play against the computer. I'd like an online friend to be able to play a ladder with you against the computer(I'd play it on the hardest difficult) as well. Would be so much fun haha turn the family into killers
*sigh* Isn't "DCR" good enough? "Orange nickname guy" is even longer than my actual screen name, I mean come on.