Survival is the Only Prioreity

Shirayuki Mizore

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Chapter 1: Living Hell

Four hours? Six hours? I can't even comprehend at this point, we've been out here so long. I shouldn't even be saying we, since I'm actually alone. Well, there are many others around me, but no one with me. I've been sitting on this bus, just staring out the window, praying that we will finally get a move on, since we've been still on this highway for the past few hours. The bus driver keeps blabbering on about some state of emergency, which is why our movement is impended. It's probably just a terrorist attack or something, somewhere, like states and states away. I shouldn't talk like that though, because I know if I hear some crazy shit on the news tomorrow, then remember what I said, I won't be hearing the end of it, from my own conscious. I've always been the type to have a guilty conscious which usually messes me up when I decide to make the "wrong" choices. Everyone else seems to be mostly calm in the bus, except for a few couples holding each other like we're being held hostage or something. This guy sitting in front of me hasn't taken his eyes off that stupid game system for all these hours. I can't believe it hasn't ran out of power, since it's on full blast and everything. I've been aching to kick the living shit out of his seat to shut him up, but thankfully, I have the patience of a saint, for the most part.

Apparently, no one has any idea what's going on around here, which is what really gets under my skin. The government always likes to keep those outside of the problem, ignorant, just to prevent widespread panic or something. It's better than just sitting here. I'd at least love to know why I'm wasting my time here. I got out of my seat, walking up to the front, and tapping the driver on the shoulder after looking out the windshield, seeing the rows and of cars all backed up together. Talk about bumper-to-bumper traffic. I asked him, "Do you have any idea what the hell is going on here?"

He simply shook his head and sighed, resting his arm on the top of his steering wheel, with a look of frustration. I just shook my head, walking back to my seat, and looking out the window again, when I suddenly heard an intense sound whoosh over my head. It sounded like fighter jets. Something military. I looked hard, to see a town in the distance, and something seemed to erupt from the ground, something like an explosion. I quickly stood up, as did all the others, as we witnessed what looked like a firebombing as I heard a series of gasps and shouts. I made my way to the windshield, seeing all the people on the road reacting in the same fashion. What in the world was going on here? I didn't have a clue that the problem would be that local, but if firebombing was necessary, then it must be some serious shit. I jogged lightly back to my backpack, and opened it up, pulling out a M9 pistol. I wasn't the one to carry a weapon, but my best friend had got it for me, and made me promise that I would always keep it with me, along with a survival knife. At the risk of getting stopped by the police, searched, and being suspected of being a goddamn drug dealer, I decided to make the promise, a bit foolishly. I never thought it would come in handy, until now.

I holstered the gun quickly, trying to keep it out of sight. If someone noticed it, I can already imagine the kind of problems that will arise. I covered it with my shirt by pulling it down, and pulled my backpack over my back, heading outside the bus, when I suddenly heard a bloodcurdling scream. By instincts, I turned to my left, seeing the crowd of people on the road, rushing to my direction. I also heard a few gunshots, as my heart began to race. As I trembled slightly, I reached quickly into my backpack, pulling out a pair of binoculars. Just another gift from my friend that I thought would only be used at the baseball games I've been to. He should have just gotten me a damn survival kit. I raised the binoculars to my eyes, seeing something in the distance. It looked human, but mangled, and almost...diseased. I put the binoculars in focus, when I suddenly realized what it was. I thought they only existed in books, video games, movies. It had to be it and I couldn't find a logical explanation. I saw it lurk over to a police officer that was putting rounds into its chest, when it suddenly lunged at the officer, biting into his neck, blood gushing out in all directions as my mind twisted and turned. Through all this panic, I almost froze, until I saw more appear from behind the cars ahead, and more screams arose from the night. I quickly turned around, beginning to run as I heard the herd of the living corpses drawing closer. They did not walk, stumble, or crawl. They full on ran, being consumed by the motivation of hunger, to dine on human flesh.

My heart raced, faster than ever, as I ran and ran, looking back, to see them continuing their pursuit. I was keeping a constant pace, moving faster than them, when I suddenly heard a scream only a few yards away from me. I turned my head slightly, to see that guy who was hooked on his stupid video game on the bus, with one of those things on top of him, probably having approached us from the other direction. He screamed out for helped as it tried its hardest to get a vicious bite out of him. My conscious was all mixed up, deciding whether to save him or not. If I did, I'd not only be putting myself at risk, but I'd be using precious ammunition. Time seemed to slow down, as I saw the herd of monsters heading closer, so I decided to act. I ran as fast as I could, bringing my leg back and kicking the thing's face as hard as I could, knocking him off, onto its back. I yelled and stomped its face in as hard as I could, with the bottom of my boot, hearing the mix of crunches and gushing, seeing myself slowly smashing its brains in. The guy could only watch in shock as I disposed of it, before hastily grabbing his arm, and pulling him off the ground.

"Can you walk?! ANSWER ME! ARE YOU OKAY?!"

He looked into my eyes with fear, when I noticed that there was a shard of glass stuck into his leg, having gone clean through, probably from a broken window or windshield, the result of all this chaos. "Fine, don't talk. But if you don't start soon, I'm leaving your ass here." He was smaller than me, so I knew that supporting him would be no problem. I threw his arm around my back, and looked forward, to see the rest of the survivors running for their lives, as the groans and grunts of the undead drew closer. "C'mon! Move!" We quickly pushed forward, heading down the soon-to-be graveyard of cars, when he finally decided to speak up.

"My name's Paul...Paul Chapple..."
A Walking Dead fic how quaint.

I definitely like your main character's personality in this man. Please don't drop this fic
I just "dropped" my controller, after some bullshit.

And this fan-fic will not be dropped.

Psssh, Walking Dead? Where? Never heard of that show :rolleyes: