Superman Is Stronger In Classic Battle Since Patch


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I don't know if anyone has noticed but after the new patch on Tuesday, when you face Superman in the Classic Battle (fight 10) he is a lot stronger. I did a Stage Transition on him and I only did 15% damage. Before the patch when I used a Stage Transition it would do about 35% damage. My combos don't do as much damage as they used to as well. A combo that I used on him before the patch would do 25% damage, I do the same combo now and it only does 15% damage.

Has anyone else noticed this?:):):)
Well, he's suppose to be very powerful since he is appropriately the final boss. Plus, if I recall in Story Mode, his trait as the boss lasts longer than the one when you are playing as Superman himself.


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Yeah I noticed that too after he started kicking my ass. He's hard the way a boss fight should be though. It's a challenge where Shao Khan is hard because he's so cheap and over powered.