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So I've been messing around with all the characters, but Sub-Zero is my favorite character since MK1!! So I'm basically FORCING myself to get good with him. But it's hard because they actually took time in developing the characters this time. So he's slow which makes sense but doesn't fit my play style.

Anyways......I'm stuck. I'm trying to make a combo out of his nifty freeze punch one and it's pretty strong and looks cool. But I don't know what SubZero can do in the air because it happens rarely with the computer and I can't really setup a situation for it.

Make a combo from Triangle, Square, Triangle, Freeze Ball, . . . . . .

Also has anyone found a way to combo his icepick stab with the x-ray or into a combo in general? Seeing as the icepick makes the x-ray cooler.

P.s. please use square, X, etc instead of back punch front punch please.


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i play with sub my self, been my fav since mk3 my first mk game...
air combos with sub i dont really know any, if i happen to freeze some1 whilst they are still in mid air i just do a uppercut, i havent really found anything yet other then triangle, []... triangle, triangle, triangle....

a very very good combo <- [], triangle cancel into a ice ball...neutral jump punch, dash forward <- [], triangle...triangle, [], triangle cancel into a ice slide or if you have and want to use his x-ray same combo but the last combo do a triangle, [], O and x-ray


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Thanks, I'll try those. While messing around though I found the combo I made up finishes it well. Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Freeze Slide (or enhanced).

Speaking of though. What's the best combo you guys have with Sub? Mine's
Jump normal Square, Square, X, Freeze Ball, Triangle Triangle Circle Freeze Slide
If you do it enhanced it's a like 32% combo. I was quite proud of myself for finding it, since I'm a dial combo guy.


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Sabbath I have to say thank you!!
I tweaked that combo and it's really strong for how simple it is and it's really flexible. If you do
<Square, Triangle, Ice Ball, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Ice Slide it's a 7 hit 36% combo.
But because of the games combo dampening system if you do the enhanced ice slide it's an 8 hit 35/34% damage combo. So it gets weaker from that extra hit. And I was just able to pull an X-Ray off at the end. It makes it into a 8 hit 44% damage combo. Idk if this is worth it because the combo does 36% and the X-ray does like almost 40% by itself. So it seems kind of like a waste but it is a good way to end a combo and guarantee your X-Ray will hit.


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If I catch someone in air with a ice clone (whatever its called) I wait tell they fall and use ground freeze to set them up for a combo. I can't get a very high hit combo with Sub Zero even back against a wall, but he is good and seems more like a defensive character. You can counter a lot of moves with Sub Zero with Ice clone like Scorpions teleport etc. But surely you can do some high hit combo's with him, I haven't seen any though on youtube yet (Nothing like Scorpion's anyway).
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Usually when I've got an X-ray lying around, I tend to use it at the end of a combo to make sure it hits... otherwise you spent your X-ray and get countered by CPU with a 6-hit combo :-(

I don't think Sub has any other combos than the ones discussed in here. I've been trying like crazy to find some new way, but no success...

Still love him though... even if he's a tad slower than JC or Scorpion


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A nice set up trap would be: mid-air Ice Clone/enhanced Ice Slide who throws the opponent into the clone, then combo him/her like mad!

Also remember that the second hit of the Ice Pick string is a pop-up against jumping or mid-air frozen opponents: very good for juggles! ;)


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try this, triangle square circle enchanced ice ball,(normal wont hit) then what ev combo you want plus enhanced slide. cant remember the damage, but its alittle different atleast.


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this is my best sub zero combo: triangle, square, triangle (or circle, which ever you prefer), ice ball, triangle, triangle, circle, enhanced slide. it took me awhile to perfect it so dont give up! its 9 hits, about 40- something % damage

Alex Banoub

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Thanks for this thread and responses to all of you. I love MK and I'm a decent player when it comes to normal movesets/combos. But I never really pull over anything over like 15-20%. Threads like these and others like it will really help me improve my gameplay.