Sub-Zero BnBs Discussion


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Hello everyone,

I was thinking about Subs BnBs and what others found and use.

So maybe we can help each other out, especially for online with lag. Runcancel combos are almost impossible to do online, at least for me (but that could be my execution, I am not a pro in any way :) )

I play the Cryomancer Variation the most so my BnBs are for this variation:


<-1,2 into iceball...short step backward...jump in 2 into ->1,2,2...wait a bit...1...->4,2,throw

<-3,3 into EX-Hammer... neutral jump 2... forward jump>4,2,throw (a pain online to hit the ender after running so most of the time I do the throwcombo after the neutral jump 2)

<>4,2,throw (or just the slide after the overhead)



<-2...<-1,2 into slide or
<-2...->4,2,throw (I recommend the second option because it is a standing reset and you have a 50:50 high/low mixup after it, really deadly in my opinion)

<-3,3 into EX-Hammer...neutral jump 2...forward jump 4...->4,2,throw (same combo like midscreen but without run!)

As you can see, it is not that much yet because I am not that young anymore and need more time to learn stuff now and most important to keep it in mind lol

I would like to see what you guys come up with or what you are using as BnBs. Please don´t hesitate to critique what I posted, I am open minded and would like to learn.

Thank you for reading and I apologise for any grammatical mistakes I did, English is not my first language. Looking forward to see what you all found out for Sub-Zero.