Sub-Zero and the Lost Ice Caverns


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-CHAPTER 1-Bared by Ice
Deep in the Ice Caverns of a lost realm a treasure is hidden,it is the ultimate ice power.The Lin Kuei have sent many warriors into the caverns.Even the best warriors have never come back to the temple. "Why have none of warriors come back yet!"cried the Lin Kuei Leader. "I will send Sub-Zero and team to the caverns.We only have enough power for 1 more trip to the caverns"said the leader's assistant.

12 minutes later...
Sub-Zero and a team of 2 other warriors venture into the dark depths of the Ice Caverns to find this fabled power of ice. "The map says we need to cross a bridge soon"said Frost.Sub-Zero,Frost,and Cold-Heart.

Could not think of any more.This is it for now!Please comment!
Not a bad start, but punctuation could be better and a longer update in Chapter 2 ;)

Good Job my friend.