Stuff you wanna do before you die.


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What are some things in this world (can be anything like traveling somewhere doing something extreme, or trying something new etc) before you pass?

For me it's skydiving, traveling to Japan, and going to the Rio carnival in Brazil

What are yours?
Well I wanna go to Japan, make a video game and my anime, go to a gaming tournament and compete.

Funny how I have an euglogy to write for one of my classes
- Be with the man that I will love and that will love me. 4ever!
- Be a nurse.
- Be an actor (if I still want to in the future and I don't mind being one for the Philippines.)
- Maybe become a director and/or an author of books that will become movies if I still have the time.
- Go to Hawaii, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, and other interesting places.
- Live peacefully in San Francisco near a beautiful beach and make it my territory.
- Get my favorite future Mustang.
- Get justice as much as possible.
- Get complete, non-stop satisfaction in all areas of my life.
- Live my life to the fullest!!!

- Find my soul mate :knuddel:

- Have one or two kids

- Travel to Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, Paris, Denmark and Cuba.

- Get a job in the video game industry

- Get my dream car: '98 Chevrolet Corvette

- Get a beautiful beach house

- Learn a martial art to defend myself and my family

- Get cut but not to much

- Get an English Bulldog puppy

- Learn the art of meditation for a spiritual awakening

- Just enjoying life in general and not waste it away everyday

- Help out animals that are in desperate need of it

- Go on all the Roller-coasters in all of the countries I listed above, well except for Thailand, Switzerland and Cuba.
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Gather all the top lobbyists, and corrupt politicans in one building. And perform a kamikaze.

Just kidding FBI/CIA/Secret Service?

Or am I?
Visit Japan

Play Resident Evil 6 with Critical

Meet Ashley Graham in person

Go on a trip to Universal Studios with my best buds

Beat the shit out of Julia Voth
I would love to take a round trip to visit all you TRMK bros across these glorious states. Like, pop up at your house, take pics, play videogames and leave.
My biggest dream now is to finish my novel and maybe the sequel. I definitly would love to get my first novel and maybe even the second film and put up on the big screen, just as long as I get the money to produce it.
Let me read your novel

Sure thing. I only got about the first chapter done which would be about 7 pages. My goal is to try to get more than a 100 pages. 200 would be nice. I kind already have the whole story planned out, but I'm just trying to be very descriptive to make it long and try to find the time to write it. I'll post some of my character profiles here soon.