Stuck in MK:Mythologies


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OK! I know alot people don't like this game and you can just keep the hell out of this thread. I've beaten this game Idk how many times. But this time I've hit a roadblock. Now to be perfectly clear, I own this game. I purchased it for N64 and before that I had rented it maybe 5 times. I downloaded for a PSX emulator so that I can play it with the FMV cutscenes. I don't know if the problem stems from a bad ISO or not (I don't think so since everything plays just fine) but I need help none the less. Ok onto the problem:

I am in the wind level and I get the triangle icon. I go up to the chamber where you find the rectangle icon. I open the chamber with the triangle icon and go inside. I freeze the monk just like you're supposed to and push him onto the plate. I run in, turn around, and try to grab the rectangle icon. BUT HERE IT GETS NUTS. It makes a VERY annoying *dink* sound and won't let me get it. I need the icon to continue but whenever I try to pick it up it goes *dink*. And I'm getting REALLY sick of that *DINK*. Please help...
Looks like your inventory box is full.

EDIT: My bad for bumping this thread, didn't notice it was from 2006. You probably figured it out by now :D
Oh God I'm trolling but I'm ok with it... yes your inventory is full...

I LOVED this game despite speratic control failures.
Still play it from time to time. I liked the old button combos format of last gen games. I have the PS version. Never had any other consoles like n64, PC, ETC- is there a big difference in visuals or gameplay?