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Hi All,

I did a search for this and couldn't find anything, I apologise if there is already a thread.

I brought the MK: Arcade Kollection and, aside from the fact that at points I get absolutely destroyed, I'm enjoying all three games. I do have a problem with Stryker (UMK3) though, when I fire his gun, if my opponent is standing still, the bullets go straight through the opponent, I was wondering if anyone else is or has had this problem?

Also, I'm having problems doing Stryker's combos. The move list says it's LK, HP, HP, LP but when I hit the buttons I get a standard low kick. Am I missing something? Are the timing's different for each combo?

If you can help with anything here then thanks!

Happy MK-ing
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No idea about the gun issue, but dial-a-combos have to be done right next to your opponent. It's not like MK9 where you can start them anywhere.