Still More Cabinet Sightings

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Upon hearing of the cabinet scourge across the country,
<A HREF="">TetterkeT</A> gave his local arcades in Central California a ring. They did in fact have the cabinets and anticipated that they would recieve the boards sometime this week. This seems to coincide with the release of version 0.99 containing new features.<br><br>
<font size=+1 face="Arial, Helvetica" color=#FF0000><b>New Chicago Test Version Installed!</b></font><br>
<A HREF="">Swamp</a> (aka Greg) informed
<A HREF="">McCarron</A> that the new MK4 upgrade was at Dennis's Place For Games. It was later confirmed that the other test sites have recieved a new version also. Here is the first round of info from Swamp (he was upset because the sound was turned off at Dennis's):</ul>
- Noob is gone and Jarek has replaced him. He is from Kano's Black Dragon Organization and he also looks alot like Kano in an eerie sort of way we are told. His Cannonball Spin is: B, F, LK and he has Raiden's hammer.<br>
- Sonya has a new cartwheel: D, F, LK<br>
- Reptile now has an acid spit and he thinks Shinnok's Staff<br>
- MUCH More Fatality time, about 5 seconds more (hmmm... what can that mean?)<br>
- Sub-Zero now has either a new sword or Scorpion's old one (not sure), but someone else got the Axe (Scorp still has his sword).<br>
- Kai has Shinnok's Staff.<br>
McCarron will be going to the arcade tomorrow to check more stuff out, so expect a huge update on the <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Chicago Coverage</a> page tomorrow. Thanks again to Swamp.