Star Trek: Into Darkness

Love Cowboy

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So.... anyone here seen the new Star Trek movie? What do you think? (please use spoiler tags when appropriate)

Personally, I thought it was great. There was maybe a little bit too much blatant reuse of some old events and lines, but all in all I thought it was amazing.

I love the way they randomly cast a white British guy as Khan so that no one would guess who he is until it's revealed in the film. Some critics don't like that, but damn the accuracy, that was the first time I've experienced a shocker like that without it being spoiled for me in a long time and I appreciated it.


I still want to see it, along with Man of Steel. I'll probably will after I get out of work later on.

never got into trek until the 2009 film. it pushed me to watch the original series from the 60's and the next generation plus first 4 movies.

i saw into darkness twice and i have to say it is good and pretty much on par with the first film from 2009.

if your a hardcore trek fan you may hate some things
Although I wasn't into the whole Star Trek overall, but I loved watching the Next Generation. I think that's my favorite Star Trek series out of the ones I've seen in my life.