SPRITE:Re-Done Reptile


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I thought it would be fun to do.It turned out allright.The head is made from scratch, seriously.I thought about using his lizard head but desided not to.

and this is how it first looked.

used ms paint.eyedropper tool, line tool, and bucket tool.Good, bad?Pointers,suggestions,comments, all welcome.Ill probly do a bit of editing, depending on how you guys react.


best bit of advice I can give, especially when doing an MS Paint edit is; don't bother with the bucket tool. Next one is to use the full zoom capacity and the thumbnail image to see what is going on as you edit (hopefully you already know this one).

Work on smoothness a lot too. Reptile's arms and legs look really choppy on the inside.

Aside from that, keep at it and have fun doin' it.


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yeah the chopiness comes from my atempt at keeping it pixulated, rather than cartoony.
And I only used the bucket tool on the little bits that were only like three pixels long.Thanks for the replies.


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He looks like sometbing out of the new Transformers Animated, except reasonably proportioned. It almost works.