[Spoilers] Tanya's role in MKX's Story Mode


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In this new timeline, we meet Tanya two times during the Story Mode.

The first time is in Kotal's chapter where Tanya, along with Rain, accompanies Mileena in an ambush at Kotal and his forces in an Outworld town. While distracted, Tanya jumps down from a building and attacks Kotal with her Tonfa Blades (Kobujutsu weapons from MKD-MKA), but he deflects the attack.

They have a short dialogue from which we learn that Mileena has promised that Edenia will be free, hence why Tanya supports her. Kotal, however, wishes to keep all the realms merged to Outworld, because then the entire population becomes stronger in unity.

Kotal defeats her, Rain and Mileena, but in a desperate attempt, Mileena pulls forth the Amulet of Shinnok and uses it on Kotal who defends himself using Blood Magik, but can't handle the power and is thrown back as the two powers collide. Rain teleports away with Mileena, Tanya most likely having scurried off already.

Second time we see Tanya is in D'Vorah's chapter. D'Vorah and Cassie is on their way to steal the Amulet of Shinnok from Mileena's camp and find Rain guarding it. As Rain distracts the two, Tanya sneaks up on Cassie (without her weapons this time) in an ambush and Rain attacks D'Vorah. D'Vorah wins and notices that Tanya is beating the crap out of Cassie, who lies on the ground unconscious. Tanya sees D'Vorah trying to sneak over to grab the amulet and stops her with a fireball.

They too have a short dialogue, where Tanya taunts D'Vorah by saying that the reason they (I assume it means Shao Kahn's or Mileena's forces) left D'Vorah and her people alone on their island wasn't out of respect for their solitude, but because they just didn't like them. D'Vorah attacks Tanya and defeats her.

Rain and Tanya now lying unconscious on the ground, D'Vorah pulls out her stingers and are about to deal a final blow to the two Edenians, but is stopped by Cassie, saying that D'Vorah will not kill them. D'Vorah puts her stingers away and the two of them goes to grab the amulet.

This is the last we see of Tanya (and Rain as well) in Story Mode.


What we learn from this is:
- Tanya wants Edenia free, something Mileena has promised her, hence why Tanya has joined her cause.
- Tanya is teamed up with Rain in both their appearances throughout Story Mode.
- Kotal wants to keep the realms united, hence why Tanya considers him an enemy.
- Tanya prefers sneak attacks, doing so to both Kotal and Cassie.
- She is one sassy b#tch, at least towards D'Vorah.

So yes, Tanya is a "jobber" this time, but she is shown to have her own cause and reasons. Funny enough, she and Rain both have more dialogue and presence in Story Mode than some of the other characters who are actually on the roster, and more than any other NPC's.
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Never saw this thread.
Thought I should add a bit more:

-Tanya is yet again an ambassador, for the rebellion army.
-Tanya is Mileena's first-hand ally
-Tanya freed Mileena from Kotal's prison.
-Tanya saves Kano's life.
-Tanya and Rain have sex often.