1. The "Battle of Reiko"? Lol. Last time I checked, Reiko wasn't a place.

2. Holy shit. Hooooooooooooly shit.

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I'm just... not going to say anything... and you can all... come to your own... conclusions.
"Kuai senpai, wouldn't you like to take a detour with your former brother in arms? Just the two of us?"


beep boop beep
Time for the summary to Chapter 34: "Epilogues."

After the preview, we find Takeda hammering in grave markers for the dead Shirai Ryu at their temple in the Himalayas. After saying his last good-byes to Forrest Fox, Takeda prepares to hammer in Hanzo's marker... only for a portal of hellfire to suddenly open from behind him! Hanzo crawls out with Moloch hanging onto him, and though the Oni refuses to let Hanzo escape, Takeda still knocks him away with a hammer to the head. As the portal closes, Takeda expresses his confusion at Hanzo's reappearance; he thought that his sensei had died and his ghost took Havik away. Hanzo, however, explains that he knows the way to Hell and back by heart. As Hanzo calls Takeda the pride of the Shirai Ryu for bringing together this memorial, Takeda still has one question: what did Hanzo do with Havik?

And we get that answer in the Netherrealm, where Havik's head rants about how the Netherrealm and all other realms are doomed to chaos... before being smashed to pieces by Quan Chi's boot. Quan Chi explains to Drahmin and Moloch how Havik had promised to deliver to them the Amulet of Shinnok, and they had provided him with Nitara's blood magik to help him in that endeavor. Quan Chi muses how he should thank the two Oni for delivering the unreliable cleric's head to him... but they have proven to be just as unreliable. And with that, Moloch's head is suddenly sliced off from behind by Kitana! Drahmin shouts in panic that Quan Chi still needs him for his torture skills, but Quan Chi angrily snaps that he would trade a thousand of Drahmin for one Hanzo Hasashi before reducing the Oni to nothing more than a skeleton.

Quan Chi then welcomes the newly-returned Liu Kang and Kung Lao, who wonder what they will do in the face of Havik's failure. Quan Chi, however, states that it wasn't a complete failure, for the amulet is now more exposed than it was before. Kitana believes they should go after it, but Kung Lao explains how Earthrealm and Outworld are now on high alert, and they must rely on subterfuge for the time being; to that end, he suggests they make use of Shinnok's latest acolyte, D'Vorah! D'Vorah, who sees Kotal Kahn's imperial power as pathetic compared to Shinnok's, is eager to serve her new master...

In Pura Bratan, Bali, Bo' Rai Cho welcomes Kung Jin, surprised to see him return so quickly. Kung Jin promptly hands an envelope to the Drunken Fist master and confirms that his theft was not discovered. As Bo' Rai Cho hands a bag of gold to the thief for this job, he mentions to Jin how he trained his uncle and could recommend him to the Shaolin Temple. Jin, however, believes he wouldn't fit in at the temple, and as he turns to leave, Bo' Rai Cho tries to tell him that he has a warrior's heart; Jin responds that Rai Cho only knew Kung Lao, not Jin nor his heart. Bo' Rai Cho then heads over to report Kung Jin's success to his companion, Kuai Liang! As Rai Cho comments that he'll have to ask Raiden to keep an eye on Jin, he opens the envelope and hands the flash drive inside to Sub-Zero: the time has finally come to shut down the Cyber Lin Kuei!
Wow, this was the most savage issue yet.
Havik- dead, Moloch- dead, Drahmin- dead. These were all great characters that I liked. It seems like the guys at NRS do have a strong aversity for 3D characters and told Kittelsen who to kill off. It's a shame really cause he could have done with Drahmin what he did with Reiko and Havik. When I first saw that drawing with his pre-demon majestic look and the explanation that he was once a ruthless Warlord in Outworld I was fascinated. His backstory could be tragic and great. I hope they bring these characters back some day.
Speaking of this, what happens to those who die in the Netherrealm? NRS should just come clean with this and say they are reborn in a different part of Hell but lose some of the powers they've accumulated or something like this, else why would they be afraid to die in the first place?
Somebody should ask the writers this.
Just read issue #34.

So, any guesses as to what is on the Flashdrive?

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.41.09 pm.jpg

Since it had a skull and crossbones on it, I'm willing to bet that it contains a computer virus.

If so:

1. Where did Kung Jin get it from?
2. Why don't the cyber-LK use digital-warfare as opposed to just using their bionics as purely physical augmentations?

While I want Sektor to be portrayed as a worthy villain, I'm just hoping that he's not done as clone of either Ultron (Marvel) or Brainiac (DC).
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I'm a bit disappointed with the handling of the 3D era characters. I mean in general they weren't nearly as popular as the 2D counterparts, but still. I did like the mention of Nitara though. Makes a bit more sense to me how Havik seemed to magically be an expert with blood magik when there was no real basis for this in the original timeline.

Something tells me we won't get quite a satisfying end to Sektor with just two issues left. But we'll see.
look at these eyes tho


It wasn't a bad chapter, but the art was ATROCIOUS. I didn't think it could get worse than the last chapter but man did they exceed. I don't even think it looks that bad towards the end, but god the first half.. also I called it, as soon as Drahmin appeared I knew he was done for, though it wasn't done by Scorpion surprisingly. Oh and what a shit way for Havik and Reiko to go out, by turning into generic villains.