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I don't know how to feel about that...

Havik is Meat with a helmet, if that rumor is true I hope they do some decent rehaul on him.


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[MENTION=5107]Taj Gill[/MENTION] I take it you're reading the entire thing before summarizing right?


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It makes no sense at all to have a random, uninspired character as the boss. Please explain how you came to that conclusion.

I'd rather not have HIM as the main boss of the game and he be eliminated at the end of the comic but for some reason I don't feel that's going to be the case :(

Raiden's mention of Chaos coming to Earthrealm, how the demon isn't there to destroy them but to set them free.

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Well Havik would sure be a surprise if the rumors are true. If Onaga does show up in the comic then he can use his heart for the demon blood.

Taj Gill

Blood Ties - Kamidogu

Picking up where we left off, Hanzo is in full Scorpion mode and is beating the hell out of Raiden. As he's stabbing him with his spear and choking him with the chain, Hanzo is saying raging stuff to Raiden that fuels his Scorpion side, such as "I hope this hurts, you gave me the dagger, you destroyed the second Shirai Ryu and lastly, YOU KILLED TAKEDA!!!"

As Hanzo is choking Raiden with the chain attached to his spear, an agonizing voice says "Master Hanzo..."

Takeda is indeed alive, and Scorpion relieved to see that reverts back to Hanzo. Takeda is in significant pain and feels the end is near. Raiden, after receiving a vicious beatdown finally snaps out of the Blood Magik possession and apologizes to the both of them and says there is a way to save Takeda's life, only they must act quickly.

Raiden then takes Hanzo and Takeda to something called the Jinsei Chamber, which Raiden claims to be Earthrealm's life force, which heals Raiden if he's injured and he wants to attempt to heal Takeda using said Chamber. Raiden then essentially kills Takeda using the Chamber by electrocuting him. Hanzo having taught Takeda to battle one's inner demons just as Kenshi taught Hanzo before, allows Raiden to see that Takeda's soul is fighting the grasp of the Netherrealm.

Takeda's soul overcomes the Netherrealm's grasp and returns to his body, alive once again. Takeda also feels much more powerful, almost to the point of invincibility due to the Jinsei Chamber's effects. Raiden then begins to explain the events that led him to become possessed.

Years ago, Raiden, in typical fashion begs the Elder Gods to destroy Shinnok's amulet, as Raiden believes no realm is safe with its existence. The Elder Gods say the amulet cannot be destroyed because of the fact that if it is destroyed, then Shinnok will escape once again (this takes place after Raiden imprisons Shinnok in the amulet, which therefore means after the Netherrealm War).

Raiden then proposes that the amulet needs to be safeguarded in a dark dimension. The Elder Gods agree, but warn Raiden that a lock is only as safe as its key, in this case, keys; the Kamidogu Daggers. The Elder Gods continue to explain that each Kamidogu blade has tasted the blood of the One Being and it's essence dwells within them. The Elder Gods explain that no single blade is powerful enough alone, but if they're united, then the force will contain Shinnok.

However, they can only be united in the blood of a God. This is why Raiden cut himself with the dagger in the Sky Temple with Fujin, and Raiden claims the ritual worked. Raiden says it wasn't safe to keep the Kamidogu in one location, so he entrusted each dagger with a worthy, deadly champion. Hanzo was one of them.

Enraged, Hanzo questions Raiden why he did not tell him that they were possessed and they take control of people and turn them into psychotic murderers. Raiden says it was in Hanzo's best interest to think the daggers were just sacred relics. However, he did not foresee a Demon corrupting the Blood Magik.

Hanzo guesses it was Quan Chi, Raiden says that is doubtful and Fujin is investigating the Netherrealm Border just in case. Scorpion asks who else possesses the daggers... Raiden says that all of the other Kamidogu are accounted for, except one stolen many years ago.

The comic then shifts away from Scorpion, Takeda and Raiden. The setting is Indonesia. A maskless Sub-Zero, complete with scar, freezes a cement wall and crushes his way through, being chased by two assailants. Many more assailants arrive and they turn out to be Cyber Ninja Warriors and Sub-Zero is then surrounded. The Cyborgs claim that weakness is eradicated when you are converted into one and they implore Kuai Liang to return to the Lin Kuei.

Kuai Liang then scoffs at the Cyborgs and says that they are not Lin Kuei... And he has no weakness. Kuai Liang proceeds to cut himself along the scar with the Kamidogu dagger and is then possessed and kills all the Cyborgs in a huge sea of ice.

The scene cuts back to Raiden, Takeda and Hanzo. Raiden says that he sent Sub-Zero to recover the dagger, but he never returned. Scorpion thinks Sub-Zero betrayed Raiden. Raiden doesn't think this is so and believes whoever corrupted the Kamidogu seeks to obtain Shinnok's amulet. Raiden then asks Hanzo and Takeda to find Sub-Zero in order to save him and themselves from the demon that is possessing him. Takeda and Hanzo agree, and Hanzo says they will find Sub-Zero, dead or alive.

The scene now shifts to Outworld, Reiko is studying a huge book, probably a war strategy book. A distinct figure, shown only as a silhouette comments on Goro's failure being only a mere setback, and it showed the true source of Kotal Kahn's strength; Blood Magik. Reiko then says to the CLERIC that he's done everything he asked, but finding and obtaining all the daggers will take years. The Cleric replies that he knows where they are.

Reiko then implores how much longer he must bang Mileena (no joke), and when will the throne be his. The Cleric replies when the daggers are united, then Reiko won't need anyone to help him. He continues to say that Reiko will then become more than the Emperor of Outworld, he will become THE BLOOD GOD. Reiko has a huge ass grin as the Cleric says that.

The scene then shifts to the Outworld Jungle. D'Vorah stabs a Lizard with her pincers and eats it whole. Sonya comments how disgusting that was, and D'Vorah snaps back saying she can regurgitate the lizard if Sonya wants to share (lol). Johnny Cage then says to Reptile "Ten bucks my baby mama snaps before D'Vorah" (LOOOOOOOOOLLLLL). Blood then drips on to Johnny's glasses from above. They all look up and find Erron Black tied to a tree, beaten very badly.

Erron is untied and is interrogated. The scene goes back to when Erron, Kano, Jacqui and Cassie encounted the Red Dragon and Mavado. As Erron, Kano and Mavado are arguing, Cassie and Jacqui talk about running for it. The argument between the three men reach a conclusion as Kano laser blasts a Red Dragon Grunt. An all out battle ensues.

Jacqui and Cassie contemplate running yet again, Erron Black comes to their aid and implores them to fight their way out. Jacqui, not trusting him, punches Erron Black square on the jaw.

Kano and Mavado are fighting one on one. Kano gains the upper hand, and is about to blast Mavado's face off with his laser until a Red Dragon peon attacks Kano's cyber eye and damages it severely.

Meanwhile, Jacqui is still pummelling Erron Black while he's trying to reason with her. Kano then comes to his aid, and punches Jacqui. Jacqui and Cassie then flee. Kano takes the Portal Stone from Erron Black and subsequently betrays him by leaving Outworld without him, allowing the Red Dragon to surround Erron Black. As Kano leaves, he says to Erron that he could never be Black Dragon because he cares too much about people instead of looking to exploit them.

Mavado then taunts Erron and slashes him with two swords and ties him to the tree where Sonya, Johnny and the others find him in the present. Turns out, Cassie and Jacqui didn't run away and they're armed with machine guns. They fire at Mavado and the Red Dragon, killing most of them except Mavado. They run out of bullets, and Mavado then goes to attack them, commenting that Reiko wants them alive, but never said anything about in one piece.

Mavado dives at the two girls and misses. Jacqui subsequently gets behind him and holds him in place via a full nelson hold. Cassie proceeds to then kick at his knees and his leg snaps. Mavado helpless, continues to be held by Jacqui who tells Cassie to finish him. Cassie then grabs one of Mavado's swords and slashes him vertically from his groin all the way to his neck, intestines spilling out and Mavado subsequently dies.

Back to the present, Johnny and Sonya observe Mavado's body. Johnny is in disbelief, Sonya is proud of her girl. Erron explains that the remaining surviving Red Dragon took Jacqui and Cassie and gave him a message to give to Johnny, Sonya, and Kotal's crew.

"You are invited to Shang Tsung's Island".

Johnny and Sonya comment that Shang Tsung is dead, who is on the island? Erron reveals Reiko is hosted there by his spiritual advisor... Havik.

The scene then cuts to Havik on Shang Tsung's island holding a feast with Cassie and Jacqui captive and tells them to enjoy this prepared feast as it may be their last...

Wow. That was long. Hopefully I didn't make you all wait long.
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I'd rather not have HIM as the main boss of the game and he be eliminated at the end of the comic but for some reason I don't feel that's going to be the case :(

Raiden's mention of Chaos coming to Earthrealm, how the demon isn't there to destroy them but to set them free.

Completely agree. I'm not sure what is appealing about Havik. He looks beyond goofy and all of his moves are silly. I always ask people to explain what they dig about him and they never reply...