Sorry if it's been done before, but Favorite MK:D character?

Mine is Kabal, anyone who knows me well knows it already, lol. Anyway, seems to me like my favorite MK:DA character, Mavado, Kabal has his advantages, but like Mavado doesn't seem to be getting much attention. Does anyone consider him a good character? Hey in my experience, even if a character is percieved not to be good, u could like him, study him, and master him and own anyone u played against, much like I did with Mavado. Of course I haven't played MK:D that much yet, so I'm in the "early stages" of trying to accomplish this with Kabal, but he still seems cheap to me comapred to Mavado. And I like that(XD)! Thoughts? And of course who's UR fave and why?
Well, I've only played MKD once with my cousin, but from what I've played on his game (he didn't have any characters unlocked), I'd have to go with Ashrah. I just like how she plays and her moves. I was pulling just about all her combos without a problem.
It's funny. With MKD, there aren't any new characters I don't like (with the exception of Kobra), but none that I think are totally awesome (yet). Oh well.

I still haven't gotten the chance to play MKD yet, but based on looks alone, my favourites are Kira, Dairou, Kenshi and Baraka. I would include Darrius, but his look doesn't really belong in Mortal Kombat.
even though i like all mk characters from mk1&2 (yes even jax!), i have to say that my favorite is a tie between liu kang and scorpion (even though i only started to like liu kang in mk2...he was pretty lame in mk1)
Raiden. The God of Thunder now faces little restraint in protecting Earthrealm. He relies on no man. Those who would threaten Eartrealm pay in blood.
My favorite has been and always will be Sub-zero and Reptile and if you ask me why i'll have to say its because you know i've seen alot of super heros and in half of this case super villians but none of them have ever shot ice or spat acid and plus cause like Sub-zero has such a mystrirous life i mean like is he the the original or not (so i dont start a big arguement i know that the sub-zero from mk2 and onward was the originals little bro and that Noob Sibot is the original) and with Reptile i mean its just cool how he turns back into a dinosaur the farther he is from his people and plus he was a king all though according to his bio in mk2 he could be less of a coward.

Anyone with 4 arms kick ass. Think about it 4 middle fingers. That is what I am talking about.