Sonya's v1.0 Prison Stage Fatal Found!

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Thanks to <A HREF="">KINKY0804</a> for finding Sonya's Prison Stage Fatal and thanks to <A HREF="">MetalHed5</a> for telling us it.
The movement for Sonya's Prison Stage Fatal is done as followed:
</UL><CENTER><FONT FACE="Arial"><B>D - D - B - B - HK (close)</B></FONT></CENTER><UL>The <A HREF="moves/mk4/mini4faq.html">Printable MK4 v1.0 Moves List</A> for version 1.0, the <A HREF="moves/mk4/mini4faq2.html">Printable MK4 v1.44 Moves List</A> for version 1.44 (test version for 2.0 in Chicago), and the <A HREF="moves/mk4/">HTML Moves List</A> have been updated with the new movement