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There are many different types of characters in the world of Mortal Kombat: vampires, reptilian people, gods, four-armed dragon guys, dragons, freezing people, cyborgs, tarkatans, wraiths, ninjas, 1 centaur, sorcerers, oni, superheroes, the undead and even some cameos like Kratos and Freddy Krueger.

I know that this is a large variety, but I'm playing a little "what if" game in my head. These are some types of characters I think would be cool to include in future games: aliens, sea monsters, terrorists, Egyptian warriors, ancient South Americans, ghosts (they did have Ghost Kang...), midgets, cartoons, mad scientists and Sasquatch.

Again, it's just a "what if" game I'm playing in my head (I do it all the time). Are there any kinds of character types you ever wondered what it would be like in Mortal Kombat?

LOL. I was actually thinking of my own imaginary fighting game and some of the characters I thought up were:

-A Native American man with a machine gun strapped to his back (Nightwolf's rival XD)
-A goblin in gangster clothes addicted to chicken nuggets (MK should have goblins)
-A character that looks like an alligator who can control water (based off of Sobek from the Egyptian myths)
-A vampire who attacks using blood, dressed in an expensive red suit (Nitara's husband?)
Lol dwarfres But only low hits would connet or it would look bad because u would punch the air and miss. but cause of game engine it would hit them even though the hits look like they miss.

Oh and you forgot that there are demons too! and what about Giants? like bigger then 15 feet
Good thinking..
Just keep it in the MK universe. Some of these do not make sense at all.

In fact after MK3 character development has been extremely weak. They have made about 2-3 decent characters in 7 games?