someone help


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i dont use this forum that much, i do lots of reading, but not much posting but someone from china is trying to hack my account is his address


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Whoever it is, doesn't have an account with TRMK currently, so we can't catch it if it does happen. Pat can ban the IP if he thinks it's a big problem, I'll relay the message.


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Don't know if anyone is interested but someone with the IP attempted 5 times to log into my account.


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Same here. Someone from the IP address attempted to log into my account at least five times on the 21st.


Robot Rock
They're probably bots. The admin made a new rule that only users with at least 10 posts can make a thread, which severely cut back on the bot spam threads on this site. So maybe hacking users accounts is how the bots are now programmed to make their threads.