Some things I wonder about/don't understand about MK


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How come in the arcade ladder, you face people from your '"team"? Ex. In MK4 Cage, Liu Kang, Raiden and the rest of the good guys are battling against Shinnok and his bad guys. Why would SZ face Cage, Raiden face Liu, etc. along the way when they are supposed to be against Shinnok? I think you should only face a bad guy with a good guy or a neutral ex. Scorpion and vice versa depending on the storyline.

Another thing is that facing yourself doesn't make sense to me if the arcade is supposed to hold true to the story. (An example of this is in MK4: Shinnok is still the final boss even if you are Shinnok. Why not have a little cutscene where Quan Chi turns on him (like in Quan's ending) and have Quan Chi be the boss or something like that.)

*I'll edit and more to this later. This is just some stuff on my mind now.
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Because in fighting games;
Story < Gameplay
And its a tournament (at least MK 1 & 2 were) so you don't choose who you fight.

For your second point, that seems like quite a bit of work just to avoid a mirror match.
Well, after watching the cutscenes from 9, I think Story Mode should be separate from Arcade. But even in Story Mode, you get to fight your own team. Raiden vs Liu Kang anyone?
You fight liu because he doesn't trust you nor like you. They dont just throw that in for shits abd giggles.
It was because Jax was pissed off with Johnny being fukken noisy.

JC: So what's the deal between you and Sonya? She's smoking hot.
JC: So if it's not like that...
Jax: You wanna stop talking now.
JC: Well, if it's not like that...