some sprites I edited


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I'll start least to greatest in my opinion of superierness.

Cyrax because I didn't change much here so the only real noticeable change is the pulse blade(which I think we'll look more kick-ass when it is in an environment to cast it's glow on).Anyway I'm ill about this one so make a suggestion if you have one.
Next is...

Second only because the next is more change.But, I think I did a damn good job on the tarkatan son of a *****!Never the less I might have missed a thing or two so if you catch something pass me a comment.

ERMAC.Undone, but he's looking like he's going to come out looking like the snazy-ist bunch of telekinetic souls ever grouped together ever.Not done, but I don't know if you've got a pointer for this one too...I could use all the find waldo eyes I can.


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Not bad at all. Cyrax's edit is a tad simple, but the other two are very well done. Of course it's hard to appreciate the Ermac one with the view from the side like that.


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Those are awesome!!

I love Ermac and Cyrax!! hehe, two of my fav MK characters! lol how'd you know? : P

I like the Ermac one a lot! That's hot how you made him look current Ermac


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these are pretty good bro. i wish you had access to a superior editing program so that we could see your full potential. the costumes are quite articulate. i think you should spend just a little more time on each project though before moving on to a new one. add more values to your colors with the color editor to show depth and shadow. it can be done in paint, but it IS time consuming.