Some screens from the new TV spot


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Decided to post some screens from the new MK TV spot, so we can see better the Tower and Kahn's Throne Room stages, as well as the old Shang Tsung:



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Old Shang actually looks pretty cool. Not usually a fan of that look in the past but I likes it!!

Jax's fatality is great, can't wait to see the end of it ;)


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For every realm conquered Shao Kahn rewards himself with a new throne. That's why he needs earthrealm so badly it's the only one missing from his collection.

And I believe that deserves to go in my signature. ^_^

Edit* Rats! It's to long to fit.

.... That's what she said?
Kahn does not need toilets. It's built in to his throne chair. That is why he sounds so odd as the announcer, because he is taking massive dumps while he spectates



Here's my throne. Similar to Kahns.


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i love the music but im not a fan of his second fatality
and shang is playable lupinko is right i now belive him 100 pecent


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They keep giving us chunks of Raiden's gameplay, I would like to see a whole 30 seconds non stop Raiden action for once. Oh well, april 19th is not so far.