So which edition are my TRMK buddies getting?


i am getting the battle edition already paid off and waiting fo release. i like the pdp fight sticks, and i have the mortal kombat classic arcade fightstick and i use for all my fighting games. works well with of course mortal kombat, but i find extremely effective with sf4 arcade edition. but to each its own, and fight stick players we all love hori but they have been lacking as of late

^^^ lol this! I also have the klassic and I've also used it for ssf4 ae. Takes a little getting used to but it's definitely not as bad as it seems cause of the button layout.


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Pre ordered from Gamestop for one reason



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I think I am going to cancel my reservation at Walmart and get it at Gamestop instead.

The costumes from Walmart look really bad in game, and the extra 20 missions for STAR Labs look amazing.


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You want the one from it has a better pre order DLC but you can buy the regular copy from thehut and wait for the dlc's to be available later on marketplace.


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Preordered the Collector's Edition a while back b/c the content in it was pretty cool.

Wanted the Battle Edition, but didn't hear too many good things about PDP sticks. Plus I'd rather buy a dual-modded stick as my first arcade stick anyways.


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uhhh I thought I was getting the regular edition but Gamestop sent me a text saying "Your Injustice Collectors Edition will be ready for pick up 10AM Tuesday morning"

So im hoping thats just a mistake cause I dont want that version