So, what are we thinking his playstyle is going to be?


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Given that Erron has two guns, Cassie doesn't have his moves, and he's not in the game, I think Erron is going to be Stryker in this game, at least where his B F 1 is concerned; where you input it, then can hold the button to release and shoot whenever.

I think Erron is going to be a Zoner in the game. Quite possibly THEE Zoner in the game.


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So, for someone who didn't play Injustice, what was Deathstroke?

Deathstroke was a really good zoner, but also had outstanding rushdown.
He had dual pistols, a machine gun and a sword. He's still my main for the game.

If Erron Black plays like Deathstroke, I'll definitely main him. Hybrid characters are always my favorites. The ones who have good rushdown, but can zone when they need to.


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Dead eye - Inspired by the ability given to John Marston in red dead redemption, once per round you can trigger this ability. Similair to reptiles "nimble" variant, this will cause the opponents speed to be reduced, while Erron Black will move quicker, but can only use projectile attacks (gains air revolver shot and low revolver shot) lasts for 8 seconds or until Erron has used 6 shots from the revolver (6 bullets in chamber, is aiming down sight of 1 revolver during this ability not hip firing 2). You will be able to tell this variant apart from the others appearance wise through Erron wearing an eye patch over 1 eye.

Bandit - Erron Black will gain a lasso placed around his hip area and a riffle on his back. New moves will allow throwing the lasso around the opponent, leaving them vulnerable for a free hit/combo. Can also wrap the lasso around opponents foot from a distance, pulling them to the ground. Riffle gives new projectile attack with air juggline properties and also can be used in combo strings as a bat. New throw involves hitting the butt of the rifle into the opponents nose.

Trigger finger - In Errons other variants, revolver projectile is only 2 shots (1 from each revolver hip-fired) but in trigger finger he shoots 4 (1 from left, 1 from right, spinning the left chamber while shooting the right) and ex revolver shot is 12 shots (both revolvers fired very quickly). Also gains the ability to time shots (like stryker in MK9) and cancel the shot by dashing either way.

What I think erron will play like.


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After giving it some more thought here's what i got:

Quickdraw- Wielding dual Revolver 6 Shooters. Erron B's attack are quick and precise

Marksman- Armed with a Lever Action Rifle. Erron B keeps his opponent at a distance.

Mano-A-Mano?- Leaving his guns at the door, Erron B fights with just his hands, no gun, no special powers! But has a trick, retractable blades in his boots


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Gunslinger, Outlaw, and I forget the last one's name.

Gunslinger: focuses on revolvers, has a Gunslinger Stance, going to be the Go-To variation me thinks. Heavy emphisis on Zoning.

Outlaw: Has a broken off Tarkatan forearm blade he uses as a sword. Has reach on his strings, and he can break it off inside the opponent for damage over time.

???: Uses his rifle, another Zoning focused stance. Probably going to be my most played.


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I'm actually liking the look of Marksman; it seems to be his middle ground one, where Gunslinger is more zoning and Outlaw is his most aggressive one.

Mind you, unless I'm just that impressed wtih Kotel I'm going to be maining Erron, so will be learning how to use all of his stances.


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His Outlaw variant with the Tarkatan Arm as is awesome but I wish it was his main weapon for this variant

His Marksman variant is cool too. Very Western Bad Ass Boss. When he draws his rifle and shoots with the pump action walking back creating distance

im confused with his sand grenade though, oh well he still was the best reveal in the MK Stream #7


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So, whose interested in the Outlaw variant?

I dunno how other people are going to do it, but maybe we should make one thread and have three different people try to learn the combos for each different variation. We would get the guide up faster if we divided the labor.
Erron Black is definitely like Deathstroke, but I also think he's like the 'Che Guevara' of MKX, so he will serve as a nice 'alternative foil' for everybody's favorite go-to-MK-guy...Raiden.

Erron Black (E.B.) should offer us some nice cowboy-like action to contrast Raiden's Eastern mysticism oriented fighting...

I also think E.B. is the polar opposite of Stryker who reminds me of Snake Plissken; Stryer is the Snake Plissken of the MK 'fantasia.'