So what are the chances of a version of MK9 for the Nintendo 3DS?

I'de be willing to pick a copy up. I mean, it doesn't have to be all the characters in MK9, but some sort of version for the 3DS would be nice. What are the chances of an announcement?


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I would say chances are better for PSP/NGP

However i dont see it ever making it to portable devices, at least not anytime soon, MK:X maybe for the above devices like i said :) PSP/NGP

Metal Overlord

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Most likely never. Nintendo and MK don't mix.
MK4 and MKT were on the 64, UMK was on the DS, and Deadly Alliance and Deception were on the GameCube...

When Himmerick said last year that he had a PSP2 (Vita) in-house, he also said that NRS was looking to get a 3DS in-house, too, so it's possible, I'd say.


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i wouldn't mind seeing some fatalities in 3D. I'd be up for it, though it would probably be banned in australia too.


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I am getting a Vita just for that alone already, MK9 wherever I am Yeah!!! And seen those Uncharted gameplay vids... sweet graphics!! So MK will drop bombs with that one, not a version for 3DS helas otherwise I would get that one also, but we can hope although it probably will be released together with the Vita edition and it supports 3D too so...yeey


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Handhelds are pretty much the worst way to play fighting games, and if you've got the money for a 3DS, why not buy an Xbox 360 and get the real game?


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Well if you look at the dpad on the Vita, it might actually work quite well. I'm certainly hoping it does and given the power of the Vita, I'm sure they can do it justice. Given the talk of cross-play between PS3 and Vita games, I can only imagine it will be a near perfect port of MK9. :)

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my brother has a 3ds, but I honestly dont see whats so great about it. The 3d makes you feel all dizzy and it doesnt really look 3d. Thankfully there is a way to turn the 3d off.

Graphics would have to be altered in order to make mk9 work. The controlls could work, as I've played the Street Fighter 3ds and if they make it somewhat like that, then it would be ok. I wont play it, but I think it could work