So Kung Jin is Gay

Sounded like thats what Raiden was getting at. if so, cool I have no problem with it. I care more about the straight characters that act like sissy btiches. like human scorpion and sub-zero. went all soft and repentant. They're basically pointless now as their rivalry is officially over. We need two new mascots that actually have a beef!

I did not see that coming.

So, how about that Takeda being straight? Thoughts? Personally, I think it's a big deal.
I'd rather Kung Jin and Takeda traded sexual preferences. But oh well.

Sexual orientation*

Preference implies that it's a choice. I had myself corrected in University, by the professor, for that.

I actually really like the idea of Jacqui and Takeda together, tbh. I think all the newbies were really well done in the story mode.
It doesn't matter to me, Sexual orientation OR preference.

I'm looking at the characters, character and personality.

Kung Jin acts like an ass hat. At least Johnny Cage when he's being an ass hat, he doesn't risk the lives of his comrades for fun.

Sexual orientation means nothing to me in mortal kombat. I guess if there are some gay dudes, or girls who love yaoi stuff hoping for some romance later good on you.

MK isn't that much about romance so I really doubt this whole deal will even mean anything. I just hope they didn't do it... just to be hip and say look we are looking out for you LGBT. I hope they honestly did it to somehow make MK better.
I think it's hilarious that they did this.Im glad they left Johnny alone and didn't make him bi.It had nothing to do with story ..they just did it for the gays...It's whatever though.Do what you do to sale games.People like to feel represented in things that they love.

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I'm guessing all of the straight guys that keep saying this means nothing don't get it, it's not about wanting to see him have sex with Johnny Cage or anything like that lol. It's just cool seeing that a gay person is in the game that's all, if every character in every MK game ever was gay and they finally came out with a straight one maybe you'd get it. Also let's not forget, we get about 2 seconds of dialogue devoted to that and that's all, it's not like they are making a big deal out of it, he's just one member of the team and he happens to be gay. I'm glad they didn't make a big deal out of it and just kept it simple, that's how it should be.