So it looks like..(Moloch?)

Alan J Stidham

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I was facing Goro and it looked like their was Moloch shrunken down behind one of the bars. What if he becomes the 4th playable character. I'm pretty sure it was him behind the cage. It could make sense to see him playable just like Sheeva, since we cant play with Goro or Kintaro atm.

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I always thought the creatures on Goro's Lair/Pit Bottom were the same ones from the first level in Shaolin Monks.

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They are Onis. same species as Moloch.

Exactly. There no reason not to believe there are a great many Oni in existence, all with slightly varying appearances.

Plus, with all the characters that are proving to be wildly more popular DLC choices, why would NRS go with Moloch? Rain is more popular, as are Reiko, Fujin, Shinnok, Cyber-Smoke, Tanya, etc. I've seen a lot of fan buzz on the choices I've listed, but I've seen more people wanting Mokap and Meat than asking for Moloch to return. Just doesn't seem likely. Plus, there are a number of characters that aren't playable in this game that make cameos (Frost, Bo Rai Cho, Reiko, Havik, Fujin, and so on), if NRS really does have only four character DLC slots planned then there's gonna be a number of cameos that are never fully fleshed out.
Hey i actually thought about Moloch being playable and he would be really cool. The game needs it's Zangief type powerhouse character. I think it would be awesome to have a character like that playable. W/ the ball of course.
Im down for rain, but there are enough f***ing ninjas.So why not add a powerhouse? Moloch has a better storyline than Meat. Rain and Mokap were/are jokes.