Snacks for MK2011


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Ok so hear me out...

I, like many others, have vacation scheduled for the glorious week of April 19th. My last day of work will be Monday 4/18 and I will not return until 4/25.

My question is....what kind of snacks should I stock up on?

Im thinking Mountain Dew is a must, im thinking chips....but dont wanna get my TE stick greased up...

Maybe Ill just go hardcore and not eat the entire time?

Did anyone else think he meant MK2011 themed snacks? Lol. Um, I'd go with (note: This is PP):

1.Goldfish Crackers(Colored)
2.Lots of Mountain Dew(Regular and Code Red)
3. Coke(Regular and Cherry)
4. Oreos

And I'd be set for the rest of my life.
I'll probably do all my eating before I start playing; I might as well say goodbye to all my schoolwork for that week lol.
Well it depends if you don't want your controller to get greasy just get all the food you like like chips, cookies, twinkies the mountain dew etc. put them all in a blender and there you go. Make sure you use a straw that way you don't have to use your fingers :)
I'd eat plain (butter = grease = greasy TE stick) toast, just for humorous reasons. Toasty!