Smoke Always Disappears in MAT2


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Hey everyone. I have been playing Midway Arcade Treasures 2 a lot and I have been enjoying it (blast from the past!) The only issue I'm having is with Smoke. After I unlocking him there doesn't seem to be a way to save him in the character lineup. Now that kinda makes sense since the machine is restarting (like a real arcade machine) but the options for MKII and MK3 are set for Autosave as On (seems to be the default) and it doesn't save any settings. I don't mind unlocking each time I wanna play but it is getting a tad annoying! Any advice? Thanks.
Only advice I have about this, is try beating it with Smoke after you put in the UKK. I believe this is how you had to do it on the PS1 after you unlocked him.

If that doesn't work then, well...that sucks :cry: It's my biggest bitch about the game currently. And the announcer seems to have forgotten how to say Kabal when you select him :?:
I just tried beating the game with Smoke and it didn't help :(

No biggie, I guess. Just means that anytime I wanna play as smoke I have to beat the game and enter the UKC...
MajorWeirdo said:
:shock: what was the kode/trick to unlock Smoke again... (don't tell me to go look elsewhere... :cry: ) :roll:

You don't have to go look elsewhere! Last time I checked, the MK3 strategy guide here had "the Ultimate Kombat Kode". It was like those versus screen codes, but about 4 characters longer and you only could enter it after you either beat the game or decided not to continue.
ow, yeah, took a look. yeah yeah, now i remember, it was a large number of MK emblems u had to change... :D

:roll: :oops:

tnx !!

What about MK2 on MAT2? In the portal when Dan Forden comes out after an uppercut I press Down+Start to get SMOKE, but it just pauses the game. Is it a different way to do so in this version?
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