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Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<LI></FONT>The official <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Mortal Kombat Annihilation</A> website is now open. The movie opens everywhere November 21.
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<LI></FONT>The official <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Mortal Kombat Mythologies Website</A> has been updated with behind the scenes shots and information about production about the game.<BR><FONT COLOR="#FF8000">
<LI></FONT>MK4 3D Artist, Dave Michicich, has updated his personal <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">MK4 page</A> that has huge high quality select screen pictures and assorted pictures of the 3D models he has created and ofsome magazine covers. Soon he will have stories and bios of each individual character. Thanks to <A HREF="">Jared Putnam</A> for this juicy tidbit.<BR><FONT COLOR="#FF8000">
<LI></FONT>The Mortal Kombat Mythologies <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Pepsi World</A> site is now up. It's a great <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Shockwave</A> laden presentation along with a quicktime tour of Midway's offices. Really cool stuff.