Sindel Thread-"You are Pathetic and Weak"


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"The mother of Kitana, Queen Sindel was forced into marriage with Shao Kahn when he conquered her realm of Edenia. In an attempt to thwart the emperor's designs on Earthrealm, she sacrificed herself. Her suicide created a magical ward preventing him from setting foot there. But now the barrier has been dissolved. Sindel has been resurrected, her mind enslaved by Shao Kahn. Earthrealm's former ally has become a deadly threat."

360: X=1, Y=2, A=3, B=4.
PS3: Square=1, Triangle=2, X=3, Circle=4.
-EX: Enhanced Special
-B=Back, F=Forward, U=Up, D= Down, J=Jump, +=press together.

Sindel Kombos:
-13 hits 55%: FJ+2, 3, 1, B+2, Banshee Scream, 3, 1, B+2, F+4, X-ray (Wall)
-9 hits 30%: B+3, F+2, dash, B+1, 2, F+1, EX Hair whip (or EX Step up).
-9 hits 42%: B+3, F+2, dash, B+1, 2, F+1, X-Ray.
-6 hits 25%: FJ+2, 1, 1, B+2, EX Star Screamer (air)
-6 hits 21%: B+1,2, D+4, 1,1,1
-6 hits 26%: 3,2,B+2, EX Step up
-7 hits 21%: 4,4 B+1,2 4,4

Kombos from Tom Brady's guide:
2,2,B+2,4, far air fireball
4,4,B+1,2, dash, 1, dash, 1,1,1, Flip Kick(He also said you could use hair whip)

Specials and Style moves
Sindel Specials:
Yell: Stuns the oppenent for a few seconds, good for setting up a combo

Step up: a series of two or three kicks(rotates entire body) which can be a great combo finisher, and is also her best tool for spacing. Note: It is an overhead.

Levitate: Will make you float in the air, you cant do any attacks while in levitate. If you do use it, use block to cancel it. You can do a fireball instantly after you levitate(iFIAF) which will make it go farther across the screen.

Low fireball: Spits a fireball lower to the ground, Good for getting those blockers who dont crouch(Can also be used in air). Ducks under most projectiles, and is her best zoning tool.

Fireball: Spits a fireball, Good combo finisher(Can also be done in the air.

Hair whip: She whips her hair and hits the person on the ground, good for finishing combos or catching your opponent off guard.

Sindel Style moves:

Undead Bride-1,1,1: Good quick combo, also ends some combos nicely

Royal Pain-1,1,B+2,4: Harder to pull off but is 11% damage(Anguish is easier)

Rebirth-B+1,2: Good combo starter because it launches your oppenent into the air

Confronted-F+1,2,4: Okay combo, not as useful as others

Anguish-2,1,2: Nice four hit combo that does 11% damage, you can also use a scream to end this so that you are open for another combo.

Sadness-2,1,B+3: Nice four hit combo that does 12% damage(And is easy to pull off

Conqueror-B+2,4: Two hit combo that only does 7%, pretty useless imo

Queen's Anger-3,1,1: Three hit 15% damage combo, VERY effective

Rise to power-1,3,B+2: Four hit combo that does 15% damage and launches oppenent into the air, EXTREMELY effective combo

Unforgettable-B+3,F+2: Another combo that leaves the oppenent in the air

Child's Play-4,4,F+3: Good 3 hit, 14% combo

Wake Up Attacks
Sindel has 2 really good wake up attacks(both have invincible frames when used as a wake-up attack:

Step Up: This is good to damage your opponent, so when they get ready to attack after you get up you can gain the upper hand by using Step Up(They will now be on the ground while you can get ready to do a combo yourself)

Levitate: This can once again stop your opponent from getting a combo off. Once you levitate you catch your opponent off guard(possibly in the middle of a combo) this gives you time to cancel and perform a combo of your own.

Mixup Game

Sindel doesnt have a sick mixup game but she does have a couple good mixups. One of her mixups come off of 2,1:
2,1 Step up
2, Step up
And if you can get away with it: 2,1 Scream(Scream can be blocked if Opponent is smart)

You can also do F+3 into scream, this can be good in the corner to continue pressure.

Another mixup that is crucial to her pressure game is D4 into Step up, this will catch many of your opponents off guard.

Many people will call this "spamming". DO NOT let this scrubby mentality get to you. Zoning is one of Sindel's best tools and if you dont use it you are only hurting yourself. Here are some various ways to zone:

A very simple way to zone is alternating iAF and low fireball. This will condition your opponent to jump more. If they do hit them with a close air fireball and continue zoning.

After B2 you can do a fireball. Use this to throw your opponents off guard and mix up your zoning.

After levitating do an iAF to make the fireball go farther across the screen.

Some people think her zoning revolves around fireballs. WRONG. Her step up is the BEST zoning tool she has. After you condition them to start jumping in and dash blocking, throw a low fireball. If they get hit by it, continue zoning. If they duck block it, you can use step up to create more space(it is an overhead). Use this to space out your opponent.
Note: EX Step Up IS NOT AN ARMOR MOVE. Dont try and do it to get out of pressure. Low poke instead.

Online Tactics
VS. Rushers:
1. Wait for the right moment to send your oppenent into the air(Using either a special or style) and do one of sindels many great air combos.

2. Use Sindels fireballs and hairwhip to keep your opponent away from you

3. Rush them and use a mixup of kicks and combos to keep them in the air or on the ground.

4.Use Sindel's Get Off Me combos(3,1,1 for example) to create distance so you can zone them

VS. Spammers:
1. Use levitate to dodge their projectile/attack and cancel it right after they attack giving you time to attack

2. Use low fireballs to dodge their projectiles while firing your own

VS. Zoners:
1. Use Hair whip and Step up to keep them on the ground
2. Zone them yourself. Sindel's unique mix of fireballs make her a character you really don't want to zone

More will be added as I play online more^_^

OFFICIAL matchups for Sindel
5-5 vs Baraka
4-6 vs Cyber Sub-Zero
3-7 vs Cyrax
5-5 vs Ermac
xxx vs Freddy Krueger
4-6 vs Jade
5-5 vs Jax
4-6 vs Johnny Cage
4-6 vs Kabal
4-6 vs Kano
xxx vs Kenshi
4-6 vs Kitana
4-6 vs Kung Lao
4-6 vs Liu Kang
4-6 vs Mileena
4-6 vs Nightwolf
4-6 vs Noob Saibot
5-5 vs Quan Chi
3-7 vs Raiden
xxx vs Rain
4-6 vs Reptile
5-5 vs Scorpion
5-5 vs Sektor
4-6 vs Shang Tsung
6-4 vs Sheeva
xxx vs Skarlet
4-6 vs Smoke
6-4 vs Sonya Blade
5-5 vs Stryker
4-6 vs Sub-Zero

Frame Data
Here is the link to the frame data made by Dr dogg of TYM. *Note these are only execution frames

Patch Notes 9-23
• Sindel can no longer leave behind an invisible fireball collision around.
• Sindel’s B1 attack is a low block.
• Sindel's Enhanced Scream is slightly faster now.
• Sindel’s Scream (Yell) can no longer be parried.

Posts below are being used for guide video and my matchup experience for each character
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Sindel Vs. XXX

The key to facing Nightwolf is to keep him away from you. This may be tricky as his reflector will hurt your zoning game, but there is a way around it. First throw a couple of air fireballs at him. He will reflect these and they will not hit you, and he will start to see a pattern. Then when he sgtarts to see the pattern jump and DONT spit a fireball, he will reflect nothing and you can low fireball him. You do have to watch out for his lightning, just be aware of it and jump when he is going to do it(its pretty obvious when hes about to do it). WHen he gets up close you need to get him away as fast as possible. If he whiffs a combo do a get off me combo and get him out of your face. Otherwise do a couple of low pokes into step up to get some distance. If he gets up close the problem is his mixups and frame advantage will be your downfall. so DONT try to use a bunch of launchers when he gets up close, use a lot of low pokes and wait for a whiffed combo or opportune time to do a launcher. Outzone him and you will be fine.

This matchup is 6-4 Sindel imo. When you face scorp PUNISH PUNISH PUNISH. Start out by throwing out a copuple of fireballs and make him teleport. Block that and you have a free combo. Use low fireballs a lot as it will make you duck under his spear if he throws it out. Make sure you mix up fireballs and air fireballs because that will make it very hard to hellfire you if he doesnt know what youre going to do. Basically predict the scorpion's moves, find the pattern(Most bad scorps have one) and punish accordingly. If he gets too close use step up to continue zoning. Your zoning will make him teleport, and then you can punish with a 4,4 combo.

Noob Saibot
This matchup is pretty difficult. Dont make the mistake of relying on air fireballs. Noob's teleport will stop that. Try and use step up when Noob is in range. Use a lot of low fireballs after a blocked shadow(Remember his charge is an overhead). Once in close you can use her mixup game, D4 into step up will catch many NOobs off guard. Try to bait his teleport and punish accordingly.

First thing you need to know is you have to watch out for the TK lift because good players will capitalize and combo you. A good thing to do is start with fireballs then when they hit him and you see hes trying to teleport block and get a free combo. A b2 can get punsihed by D4 into Step Up. Ermac will try to get into his best range, which is close enough to TK push. Once he does this, either EX low fireball or step up. YOU have to control this match, not Ermac. Step up is your friend here.

Johnny Cage
Start out by trying to zone him. If he starts to catch on start to mix it up with air fireballs then step ups(If he whiffs his shadow kick) Be careful though as his EXshadow kick will go through projectiles. If he just starts pressuring the heck out of you try using a couple d+4 step up mixups. If that doesnt work try get off me combos. Be aware that you should NEVER rush Johnny with Sindel. This is suicide. Make sure to save your meter for breakers as with Johnnys resets and such he can take your life down fast without a breaker. The best thing against Johnny is to bait and punish.

Sub Zero
First off if the Subby tries to zone you he will die a swift death as your fireballs will go past his ice clones. His iceball will rarely hit you(especially if you see it coming) and even if it does it most likely will be too far away for him to get off a combo(maybe a slide but thats it. Most Sub Zeros when you zone them will start sliding. Once they start doing this use ground fireballs(preferably low since they will hit his slide) and if he whiffs his slide either punish with a full combo or just do a step up. when he ice clones you into the corner be prepared for a slide, once you block it hit him with a few low pokes or step ups and you should be good. The main thing with Sub Zero is to bait and punish, and watch out for moves like slide or the one were he freezes the ground(Not a Sub playerXD). The problem is if he ice balls you up close or gets a chance to combo you, he has devastating combos thatks to his resets(Which are being patched soon anyway).Just dont rush him and you will be fine.

This matchup can be tough, as Smoke is a pretty solid zoner. Basically throwing fireballs is a BAD idea because of shake, so you have to be careful. So fireballs are out of the question for the moment. Now most smoke players will try to capitalize on a smoke bomb, so dash blocking is your friend here(Or you could try to levitate then cancel the levitate, but i've never tried and it is risky). Rushing is probably your best bet against smoke. Once you get in close either use the F+3 scream mixup or 4,4 1 step up to get them closer to the corner. Once he is in the corner, watch out for his teleport as a wakeup, if you block it punish with a combo of your choice(I would use either 4,4 1 step up or 4,4 B+2,1 step up). As long as you are wary of his smoke bomb, you should be good.

The king of MK9. Some say this matchup is 9-1, 10-0 in his favor. They are wrong of courseXD. What people don't understand is iAGB is useless against Sindel. If a Kabal tries this just low fireball until he stops. His rushing game will kill you however, so when he does his pressure either uppercut, d1, or d4 into Step up. Once you hit him with a couple of low fireballs, anticipate his dash. Once blocked I like to do B3, F2 Yell B3, F2 1,1,1 fireball. You can punish him for much more damage, but do whatever is comfortable for you. Be careful of EX dash though as it will go through low fireballs. Try to duck low as much as possible in case Kabal throws out a buzzsaw. If he decided to start blocking low and is in range, step up to create more spacing[/spoiler]
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itll be on the upcoming patch dont worry. Itll be really soon..this was posted on SRK so I'm pretty sure a lot of people already know about this by now.


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Make it more neat so it can get sticked and everyone can see it, also to follow the format that we are already using.


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I don't hate Sindel for killing most good guys, she's still a good character in the story mode. At least she was a true villain and made a part, which is something most villains in MK9 cannot say.

My sister played with Sindel this morning, she looked interesting. Since she is the 2nd least playable character, I was expecting her to be a piece of shit in terms of gameplay, but I have to say I was actually surprised by her. She is the ultimate projectile spammer in this game, which is so odd why isn't she more picked up. I tried her flying ability and did some projectiles, the only thing I don't like is that she has to dash, which makes a flying a bit pointless to cross the stage, it could be faster in my opinion, HOWEVER, it's much better than in UMK3, since she actually has 2 different air projectiles - in the right hands against a non-teleporter character, she can be deadly. Her combos seem good. going to play with her a bit now ;)
Very good Zoidberg. But like Fox said, make it a bit neat, and work on the format that we be using in working the thread.

I agree with someone above me. Sindel is very good in this game, surprisingly, cuz for some weird reason. I always get caught by her Step Up special. In Story Mode, she did what no other fighters in Kahn's disposal could do, and that is kill off his obstacles.


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Nice guide so far. You might want to change the layout to the stickied character guides tho to make sure this gets stickied plus is easier to have every guide having a similar layout. I do recommend putting the glitch in ya OP but be sure to make a notice on when it is patched though. I tinker with Sindel here n there so this will be a good quick way for me to find more possibilities etc. with her. Good job so far~ ^-^


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Fixed the OP, used spoiler tags like in other threads. Anything else I should do to make it fit the other threads??


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Fixed the OP, used spoiler tags like in other threads. Anything else I should do to make it fit the other threads??
Looks much better imo. Can always analyze the other threads for ideas and organization ideas as well. Gonna report thread for request to getting stickied. Again good job~ ^-^


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I'm glad to see we have a Sindel thread now. I'm decent with her and was looking forward to getting some help with combos.


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The problem that I have with Sindel is that every special move she has is a combo finisher, except her scream, though her scream is so useless and slow, it can easily be blocked. It's nearly impossible to implement her scream sucessfully during a combo, so far I've been trying to do it on expert ladder mode and NEVER have I managed to do a combo with a scream to keep the combo going on. They need to change this, most characters can easily implement their special moves and paralyze the opponent for a few instances (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ermac blablabla), it's a HUGE disadvatange Sindel has and it's not like Sindel has strong combos anyway. She lacks the ability to put special moves to continuing a combo and that annoys me a bit...

I've only been working on few characters and Sindel is so far the least impressive one for me.


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Last night, I made my first Sindel's plays. Guys, this lady is c-r-a-z-y online. It's so easy to spam her projectiles it's even scarier to think of the possibilities.

I'm no projectile spammer, I still like to play offensively, but once I am in the opposite side of the screen, I just float with her levitation move and throw long and short projectiles and fly towards my opponent and even go crazier on land with low and high projectiles, mixed with some air projectiles. There was this fantastic Jade player who clearly was having a hard time with my Sindel. This ia a strategic choice once you're far from your opponent. Teleporters will have a hard time with her if they have slow teleport such as Scorpion, Ermac or Kung Lao. As for combo, use her scream and start an easy 8-9 hit combos finishing with her x-ray and you're done with the round.

I still don't feel confident with her, my initial thought of her wasn't good, but now she's growing on me.


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She is incredible online im a noob and I win with her constantly. All of her combos can lead to bigger juggles, she has a low fireball that will dodge others projectiles while attacking, some of her BnB combos do like 20% damage, but no one plays as her so no one says shes OP yetXD


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Thanks for making this thread, I've been working on Sindel for a while but now this thread is gonna help alot.
I never lost one match using her. She is a very versatile fighter and I'm wondering what will happen to her after the tweak. And Zoidberg, is that pink on the color text?? Just curious.