Sindel kills everyone quotes sounds


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Does everyone have sounds for that cutscene Sindel kills everyone (the most hated cutscene) for quotes sounds for them? If you do, Sent me a zip file for that? Thanks!
How about playing the story mode yourself?! What you ask for doesn't exist, and even if I had any copies, I STILL wouldn't give it to you!
The audio clips for every quote in Sindel kills everyone cutscene including Sindel's laugh (After killing Kabal)
I don't think anyone has those kinds of clips. If you had the right recording device, you could just play the story and that cutscene with just the voices turn on and the music and sound effects turned off.
not that one i'm talking about wav files of that cutscene Sindel kills everyone quotes please?

Don't be so demanding please.

If you don't have the means to do it (or know how) then be be patient and try finding what you need to do it on your own.

Also you might want to try google.