Should You Play New World?


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Amazon Games’ upcoming MMORPG New World is in the spotlight as a lengthy closed beta session shows off the action ahead of a September 28 release. New World has changed its vision multiple times over the course of development, and now the question on everyone’s mind is – is New World worth it? It’s worth the 40 bucks?

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Well, I think it is worth it. I played 40 hours beta so far and would immediately play for another 24 hours straight if I had the time and it was released. But I don’t want to take away all of the experience Right now, so I’ll just explore the world for now instead of leveling.

I liked the survival aspects in New World, you always have to eat otherwise you won’t get health regen. Creating your own spawn points via camp is nice in an MMORPG and the crafting and combat are great!

New World is not as complex as either of those but it's enough for me now and how much time I'm willing to give to a game. 2-4 hours maybe 2-3 times a week. With the odd binge day.

I'm enjoying leveling in New World. I'm happy I'm not married to a quest to level but it's there when I'm not too sure what I want to do or don't want to think about it.

I like going around and gathering resources and crafting. I liked crafting in EVE and SWG, not so much of a fan of survival-like games and how they craft. It's ok but it never really clicked with me. I like New World's crafting even if it's nothing too special. I look forward to getting good enough to make high-end New World Items and gear it's a personal goal.

I like the combat also I'm doing heals but only lvl 17 so not done much group stuff but looking forward to running my first dungeons and dipping my toes into more PvP.

None of the aspects of the game are amazing and I was not expecting to really dig the game to be honest, The Colonialism theme also put me off quite a bit. Yet I like it, everything it does seems to work.

A lot of complaints I see is about questing and I agree it's pretty week but I never found a MMO where I really liked the quests in so that's no different to me. I'm really happy it's not the main way for me to level.

Haven’t been so impressed by a game for a long time even tho it definitely has its flaws.