Should Hydro ever be considered as a character for MK10?


threads over folks, time to go gome now
Ah, OK, sorry for that:) Maybe it's cause i don't like MK9 look of ninja outfits and, like in old time, playing their klassic costumes:)

Tanya was not a ninja, right:) But in MK4 she looks familiar to Kitana and Mileena, even if you remember, in PS1 MK4 (not MK Gold) there was secret Kitana who looked absolutely like Tanya, but blue. That's why i aligned her to these chicks: Tanya's costume is MK4ish outfit for all girls:)
Oh. Really, Kitana still counts ninja though since MK Gold she was oftenly seen without mask. In Gold she shown her face, in MKD we also seen maskless Jade, and it was her main costume. Now in MK9 all of them including Mileena have maskless alternate, so, we already lost the direct connection between mask and ninjaness:)

And, come on, actually no one of these girls is a ninja!:) Sub-Zero, Smoke and Scorpion are ninjas, from ninja clans, as it should be.
Kitana is Edenian Princess! She is a warrior, yes, but not a ninja)) So too, Jade. What to say about Mileena:)

We use the word ninja to separate them from other characters, just because of the costumes, but I dont think any of them are REAL ninjas.

Is just a way to call them.

PS - lol 7 happy faces!!
Half of the threads in this part of the forum are just wild-ass blurbs that people lazily compile and then post on here because they wanna get cool points from other people who like to lazily compile "possible" characters for this game. These threads aren't about explaining how a new character could benefit or fit into the game because they're not well-thought out, and that's why they're annoying.

Hey I was trying to get some good ideas goin but it was overruled by negativity and people who would rather talk about him not existing than talk about what he could be put to use for.