Shinnok Kombos


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I noticed a few other threads have kombo lists so I decided to make one for shinnok considering right now he's my best character.

In Impostor: Right now my go to combo is 1,1,2, DF2 MB at last hit, Dash, 1,1,2, DB1 This combo hits pretty hard but it's a little advanced to pull off. I've actually done it fully once in a live game so far but it gives you your stolen power so it's nice. Also depending on who you steal from the power is really really good with mixups.

ANY: Same lead up just ending with DF2 instead of DB1. I hit this combo for 31%

I'm not very good at the game and these are pretty basic kombos. But I figured i'd create a thread to help considering we don't' have one for shinnok yet.


Mainly been using the Necromancer variation due to its good zoning.

Here's a few combos I've been working on

1,1,2,DB+2 EX on 2nd fire ball, F+2, 2, BF+2 for heavy damage

1,1,2,DB+2 EX on 3rd fire ball, BF+2 for good zoning in case they have a breaker


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I can't figure out how to do his Deity combo. the forward/back Y at the start doesn't do anything to string into a longer combo. All I can do is his usual <Y, Y, and it doesn't register anything after that.

What am I missing?


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i play all of his variations. Its good because ppl arent used to fighting him. And some dont even know that he has a teleport
Here's a better 28-29% Bone Shaper combo damage that ends with a wakeup denying attack.

1, 1, 2, D, B+2 (EX on 2nd or 3rd blast)~F+2, 2, Throw (1+3)


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They should add some new kombos for him in a patch. I think he only has 1-2 three-four button combos =/