Sherlock Holmes 2


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This movie any good? Critics are sorta giving this one a shaft it appears in some cases
Dude, please everyone go see this.
I LOVE Sherlock Holmes, and this movie is better than the first.
I never say that about sequels, but this is true.
I give it a 10/10.... it's just the Goddamn shit 100%
Guy Ritchie needs to go back to making real British movies again. Not this special effects Hollywood bollocks.
Yes, I think some of the movies he's been in would've been utter shit if it wasn't him casting the role. He can turn poop into gold sometimes with his humor.
Yep, and he's just a cool guy in general. I really think it's beyond awesome how his life used to be a huge pile of shit and then he managed to turn it all around and become such a success. People like him and Drew Barrymore are real inspirations when it comes to that sort of thing.
Just saw this movie today, surely one of the best movies I have seen in 2011. Also I agree with TaBB, that scene was hilarious.

My favorite part

When Watson recieves Sherlock's brother's oxygen pipe :p
I've seen it twice and i just want to say Holmes is actually hiding in his you know what. Cuz I missed him both times. But second time around I could see his outline.