Sheeva Thread - "For the Shokan!"



"For the Shokan!"​

About Sheeva:


Real Name: Sheeva
Origin: Outworld (in a region known as Kuatan)
Race: Shokan (Draco Lineage)
Alignment: Evil

"Sheeva is a member of the four-armed Shokan race. Her markings reveal that she is of the royal Draco lineage. Like all Shokan, she pledged her life to Shao Kahn, bringing honor to her race by serving him. During an attack by Edenian rebels on Shao Kahn's fortressm Sheeva firecely protected Queen Sindel and prevented her capture. She was subsequently appointed Sindel's personal bodyguard until the queen's mysterious death in Earthrealm. Sheeva is now the master jailer of Shao Kahn's oppressive dungeon."

Gameplay Style: Sheeva is all about damage from her grapples and knockdowns. She has some good mix-ups, although it's somewhat slow, but makes it up with good damage and knockdowns. She has two unblockable specials. Make use of them, but don't spam over it.

Basic Keys and Moves:

F - Forward
D - Down
B - Back
U - Up

1 - FP (Front Punch)
2 - BP (Back Punch)
3 - FK (Front Kick)
4 - BK (Back Kick)

D+BP - Uppercut
B+BK - Sweep

TH - Throw
BL - Block
ST - Stance Switch

Special Moves and Enhanced Moves:

Fireball: D, F+2-Shoots a huge fireball at the opponent.
*Searing Blast: D, F+2+BL-Same as regular version, but does more damage and knocks the opponent down.
Jump Stomp: D, U (unblockable)-Jumps offscreen then comes down above the opponent and stomps on them 2 times.
*Death From Above: D, U+BL (unblockable)-Same as the regular version, but does more damage.
Ground Stomp: D, B+4 (unblockable)-Stomps on the ground, making the opponent fall to the ground.
*Furious Trample: D, B+4+BL (unblockable)-Stomps on the ground 2 times instead of 1 time.
Grab N Punch: B, F+3-Grabs the opponent with her lower arms and punches the opponents with her upper arms before knocking them down.
*Untamed Fury: B, F+3+BL-Same as regular version, but shoves them to the wall.
Anti-Air Grab: D, F+1-Grabs the opponent's leg, and slam them to ground and stomp on them.
Power Anti-Air: D, F+1+BL-Same as regular version, but stomps them even harder for more damage.
Low Grab: D, B+3-Grabs a crouching opponent, and delivers a juggling powerbomb. Now this move has armor for only 1-hit. Can be used as a combo starter against ducking opponents.
Anti-Duck Throw: D, B+3+BL-Same as regular version, but does more damage.

Unique Moves:

Low Swipe: B+2: It attacks low. Use it for the mixup to throw your opponent's rhytmn off.
Swinging Leg: F+4: Good standalone attacks as it does good damage and knocks the opponent away. Plus, it can hit crouching opponents, but it's not an overhead. Can add Jump Stomp after this move, if it connects cleanly. (last tip from back, back, back, low punch)

Basic Combos:

Shokan Fury: 1, 2, B+1 - 3 Hits 11%: Her only combo that pops the opponent in the air for the chance of juggling combos.
Blood Lust: 1, B+2, F+1 - 3 Hits 17%: Combo that knocks the opponent down and away. A good combo ender if the opponent is juggled in the air. Can cancel into her Specials or X-Ray from the 2nd hit.
Darkness: B+1, 2, 1+2 - 3 Hits 15%: A slow combo that knocks away the opponent on the 3rd hit. Can cancel into her specials from the stun on the 2nd hit, but the only specials so far that can be combo stringed into is the Fireball and the Grab N Punch. The stun will provide enough time for the Ground Stomp and the Jump Stomp to connect.
Four-Way: 2, 1, 2, F+1 - 4 Hits 15%: A good ground combo to use on the opponent. Her basic 1, 2, 3 combo to be precise, but the 4th hit has a delay after knocking the opponent down. Can cancel into her specials or X-Ray on the 3rd hit.
Sheeva Rush: 2, 1, 2, B+1 - 4 Hits 17%: Same as Four-Way, but ends low with a sweep. Can cancel into her specials or X-Ray on the 3rd hit.
Quad Toss: B+2, 1+2 - 2 Hits 17%: A mixup combo which ends sending the opponent in the air, but has a delay that is not possible for juggle combos.
Turmoil: 3, 3 - 2 Hits 11%: A two hit combo that knocks the opponent down.
Rehabilitated: F+3, 2 - 2 Hits 18%: Another two hit combo, but knocks the opponent away instead.

X-Ray and Fatalities:

Stomp Dance (Slam Dance): ST+BL: It's unblockable and hits the opponent from full screen as long as they are on the ground.
Base Damage: 33%

Stripped Down: F, D, D, F+1 (sweep)
Lend A Hand: F, B, F, B+4 (sweep)
Stage Fatality: D, D, D, D+1 (close) (credit goes to Fox17)
Babality: D, D, D, B+4 (jumping distance or further) (credit goes to Fox17)

Advanced Combos:

Starter Combos:
1, 2, B+1, Dash......
1, B+2......
2, 1, 2......
Low Grab.....

Normal Combos:
1, 2, B+1, Dash, 1, 2, B+1 - 6 Hits 20%
1, 2, B+1, Dash, 1, B+2, F+1 - 6 Hits 25%
1, 2, B+1, Anti-Air Grab - 6 Hits 23%
1, 2, B+1, Dash, 2, 1, 2, Grab N Punch - 13 Hits 30%
1, B+2, Fireball - 3 Hits 18%
1, B+2, Grab N Punch - 9 Hits 23%
1, B+2, Ground Stomp - 3 Hits 15%
B+1, 2, Fireball - 3 Hits 18%
B+1, 2, Grab n Punch - 9 Hits 24%
2, 1, 2, Fireball - 4 Hits 19%
2, 1, 2, Grab N Punch - 10 Hits 25%
2, 1, 2, Ground Stomp - 4 Hits 17%
B+2, 1+2, Grab N Punch - 9 Hits 34%
3, 3, Grab N Punch - 9 Hits 25%
Low Grab, 1, 2, Fireball - 5 Hits 27%
Low Grab, B+2, 1+2, Fireball - 5 Hits 41%

Enhanced Combos: (requires meter)
1, 2, B+1, Dash, Enhanced Anti-Air Grab - 6 Hits 26%
(Corner) 1, 2, B+1, 1, 2, B+1, Enhanced Anti-Air Grab - 9 Hits 32%
(Corner) 1, 2, B+1, 1, 2, B+1, 2, 1, 2, Enhanced Anti-Air Grab - 12 Hits 34%
1, 2, B+1, Dash, 2, 1, 2, Enhanced Grab N Punch - 12 Hits 32%
(Corner) 1, 2, B+1, 1, 2, B+1, 2, 1, 2, Enhanced Grab N Punch - 15 Hits 36%
(Corner) 1, 2, B+1, 1, 2, B+1, 2, 1, 2, F+1, Enhanced Grab N Punch - 16 Hits 39%
B+1, 2, Enhanced Fireball - 3 Hits 20%
2, 1, 2, Enhanced Grab N Punch - 9 Hits 28%
2, 1, 2, F+1, Enhanced Grab N Punch immediately before the last one hits - 10 Hits 33%
F+3, Enhanced Ground Stomp - 3 Hits 20%
Low Grab, B+2, 1+2, Enhanced Fireball - 5 Hits 45% (Enhanced Low Grab will do 4% of more damage)
Enhanced Low Grab, B+2, 1+2, Enhanced Grab N Punch - 10 Hits 55%

X-Ray Combos:
1, B+2, X-Ray - 6 Hits 37%
2, 1, 2, X-Ray - 7 Hits 37%
F+3, X-Ray - 5 Hits 36%
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Re: Sheeva Thread - For the Shokan!

Reserved for future uses. Need inputs for her stage fatality and babality. Plus, gameplay vids of her will be nice. Thanks.

Gameplay Vids:

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Re: Sheeva Thread - For the Shokan!

I'm wondering if this will change Sheeva's status as least played character? Probably not, as I tried that for Mileena, and well, it didn't work.


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I'm wondering if this will change Sheeva's status as least played character? Probably not, as I tried that for Mileena, and well, it didn't work.

It's just that a lot of players will find that characters like Mileena and Sheeva have terrible matchups against the rest of the cast. I personally like Mileena as a character, my favorite MK female. But the tools given in this game simply leave her at a terrible disadvantage, which is why I don't play her.


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Still didn't try much of Sheeva. I'm really turned off by her design, it's terrible. Her alternate though is decent enough.

Anyway, seeing the combos here posted, I have to say I'm not impressed at all. Barely 20%-25% and her x-ray, while pretty effective, doesn't do much damage either and with a regular combo, it doesn't even reach 40%.

Sheeva is a grabber, so if you like that kind of gameplay (the same for Jax and Kano), she's for you. I will try her again today to see what I can do with her, but she doesn't seem my type of character at all...


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I hate seeeing all this negativity about Sheeva. Shes a beast if you use her the right way, and I've seen her used the right way.


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I hate Sheeva, but I hate that I hate her. (as strange as that sounds) I want to learn to use her correctly.


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As requested, here are a few tips to improve the thread:

-A short description of each Special Move and how/when to use it would do well

-FP/BP/FK/BK can be confusing, ESPECIALLY for new users. Try 1,2,3,4.

Otherwise, luminous job well done.


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Would be nice to being able to kick some with Sheeva, kinda like her as a character.

Good job Aeonseraph, got some skills there


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Today I fought three Sheevas online! One of them was a n00b who just started to spam her teleport stomp. BUH! I beat him with no mercy with my Ermac.

The other two were actually VERY GOOD Sheeva players and one of them actually beat me with her! She's not combo-based but hell doesn't she like to grab people! It was one of those losses that I didn't mind at all, I like to play with underrated characters played by fantastic players and if I lose, it's completely fine with me.

I must confess Sheeva doesn't look as bad as I thought, but she isn't an easy choice to go. I'm gonna try her a bit to see what I can do, but I'll use her alternate, 'cause her main costume is bloody horrible.


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Ahh sheeva most underrated anti zoning character and unlike everyone else atleast both of her fatalities are interesting and what's not to love about winning with a underdog
Indeed. She definitely got good mixup game. But the main reason they hate using Sheeva is cuz she is mainly outmatched. It's like there's no best weapon for her to use against high-level characters such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, and even Jax. Plus Baraka can beat her up-close and personal.


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Yet noob sucks up close and people love him yet shevva can dominate him oh and here's a nice little 32% combo low grab,dash,2,1,2,grab n punch and with both specials enhanced it does 39%
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