Shaolin Monks Reviews Start Pouring In: TeamXbox, 1UP

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Jeff Greeson

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As the release date passes, more and more gaming sites are publishing their reviews of <a href="/games/mksm">Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks</a> (<strong>Xbox</strong>, <strong>PS2</strong>). This time up is <a href=""></a>, with their short yet postive <a href="">review</a>. They score <strong>Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks</strong> an <b>8.0</b>.
But here's why you should buy this game: the two-player versus mode is an absolute riot to play and even merits a standalone game. The versus mode uses the same fighting engine found in the adventure mode, but refines it to have an equal advantage for both players. There are eight playable characters and over twelve different stages. Surprisingly, the stages aren't just recycled backgrounds of the adventure portion of the game -- each stage features new level designs and offer a great deal of environmental interactivity.
Next up is the <b>Xbox</b>-centric site, <a href="">TeamXbox</a>, and their their glowing <b>8.7</b> score <a href="">review</a>.
The story may not make total sense, but the action is fresh and furious. Gamers well versed in the ways of the Flawless Victory should get a kick out of Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks as well. While not a true fighter, it still offers up enough combo-type fighter moves to keep the hardcore head-to-head fans happy.
Overall, positive reviews continue to flow in for the team over at <b>Midway LA</b>. The cumulative <a href="">Metascore</a> remains hovering around the <b>79-80%</b> mark, with <b>GameSpy</b> still yet to cast in their ballot. Congrats guys!
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