Shao Kahn

I think it was actually Shinnok's idea of making Kahn believe that Elder Gods' rule of realm merging meant nothing, attempting to gain and weaken Earthrealm for his invasion from the Netherrealm in the future, plus gaining the Outworld Emperor's trust when it comes to the Earthrealm.
^^ I wouldn't be surprised if it was Quan Chi's idea after all, since he is usually the one behind such deceptive schemes. For instance, as demonstrated in MK4, where in his ending, Quan Chi tricked Shinnok with the medaillons, showing that Shinnok is not that smart either. The moral of the story: never trust Quan Chi, he seems to be one of the least trustworthy characters in the MK universe, along with Tanya :razz:
IMO the best version of Shao Kahn known to humanity :D

Just listen to those taunts, my god, they are so menacing! I know that Steve Ritchie cannot be brought back as Kahn's voice due to his illness, but MK9 could have done so much better on Kahn's voice. I must say that was one of the very few things I did not like about MK9.
While at Costco I was reading this history magazine (has a picture of Genghis Khan on the cover) and realized that Shao Kahn (or Khan) is based off of Genghis Khan. In fact, I believe that Genghis Khan was more powerful and brutal that Shao Kahn. The who;e merging of the realms is also based off of Genghis Khan, with the whole merging of the tribes stuff. If you didn't yield to Khan, you die and your whole tribe dies as well, etc.