Shangs Souls Of Pain


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I have been working on and off on this fake for the last week or so, Fitting in what little time I could to work on it, please share your comments and suggestions with me and rate it if you please, thanks!

I understand they are supposed to be souls and stuff but it blends to much intol the BG in my own opinion. But nontheless, It looks very good.

Hey, remember that cross I asked you to do for me for a fake? Do you happen to have the final outcome of that fake? I had it saved on my last comp but I took it to get cleaned out so its not there anymore. If so, post it.
That's pretty damn good. My only complaint... where's the excessive gore? :twisted:

Hopefully we'll have a section for this stuff again. A lot of you guys had some awesome fakes.
I'm not being fussy, because the picture is awesome, but why don't the souls of pain have any shadows? Haha, don't take offense to it, I just stare at pics and look for anything thats out of place
The pic is pretty cool, but I don't like the yellow background :?

As for the shadows, if you look at both Shang and Subby, the only body parts casting shadows are their feet and ankles. So the only part of the effect that you would really see with a shadow is maybe Scorp's head.

And Kano just doesn't seem to fit as every other soul there looks like they are going for Subby except him, he just looks a little anguished