Shang Tsung's a Cheap Piece of Dog Crap


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No matter what difficulty i use hes impossible for me to double flawless him. Best i got was one round, until the AI pulls its usual mind reading unblockable cheap ******** on me and i get hit. I sat there for an hour trying this and finally i had to quit before i threw my controller through my $2000 tv...

Im trying to do the hidden Jade fight, and he always pulls a hit on me no matter what....infuriating doesnt even begin to describe it. :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:
Has anyone tried Smoke, Nightwolf, Jade or anyone else with an anti-projectile maneuver?

I already beat him with Scorpion, so I didn't bother trying other characters. Smoke seems a solid choice.
He's pretty easy just note something that i noticed, when he transforms he seems to have like a split second of armor where he won't flinch when hit, just watch out when that happens and you should be good.
I was very frustrated with it too, and after a countless amount of attempts, I tried it with Smoke and got it on my 3rd try. Teleport and Smoke Bomb spam FTW.
I used Scorpion. Beat it in no more than 10 tries. Not sure how many I didn't count. Started with a jump punch upper cut in both rounds. Then jumped back and did full screen spears followed by any of his three hit combos the whole time. If done this way you wont get full super meter until round 2. Use the x ray only after doing a spear so he can't block it and it doesn't go to waste. Just time the spear throws right and you should do fine. Hope you get it bro.
I give game must be f'n bugged. I try all the stuff you guys posted and he still manages to cheese the f out of me and hit me. I even went to youtube and tried the cheesy ways and it just wont work. Maybe i'll try again sometime but im done for trophy is worth this extreme aggravation....its making me despise the game. Im not at all a bad player at this game, in fact im quite good. My game just doesnt behave like any of the stuff ive seen in videos, and the stuff you guys are posting sounds like sound advice but the mother f'r just blocks or counters or eventually hits me with something that screws me over.

Gonna go back to challenge tower i so f'n pissed you have no idea.
Its a cheap way of getting the double flawless but use the sheeva glitch. When in expert mode immediately teleport stomp, then dash to your opponent and execute a grab. Now when your opponent falls 50% of the time they will lay down for a second. Teleport stomp spam the whole match to flawless very easily.
Yes, for the Jade trophy, the only one that worked for me was Sheeva, doing her teleport, and then an uppercut or kick right away. Then repeat.
How I got to the Jade fight is just use Scorpion. Stay far away from Shang Tsung, and wait for him to try to attack. Instantly teleport punch then 1 1 1, Spear, F+2 1 4.
I have to ask, how long do you have your matches set for? If they aren't set for 30 seconds for this, you should do that. Only having 30 seconds to beat up on him makes it all the more unlikely for him to pull off a cheap shot. Also, I found spamming Scorpion's spear then throw does wonders. The throw tosses him across the screen, so he's out of Soul Steal range (what he always got me with), then the spear reaches across the screen to bring him to you.... so you can throw him again. They also eat up some time. Got him double-flawless on my second attempt doing that.
I sat there for an hour trying this and finally i had to quit before i threw my controller through my $2000 tv...

1 hour is nothing bro, it usually takes more depending on your luck factor. If you are having trouble use Sektor and don't spam his teleport blindly. Jump backwards, he'll fire a skull, tp & combo.
I did it in the 30th try, more or less, with Sketor .... Shang is a cheap bastard that can ruin the double flawless easily, throwing a random fire skull in the right time ...... hehe
As pissed off as i was, here i am thinking i want to try this again today....WTH is wrong with me??? lol
Don't forget about the winning switch trick!

If you are fighting Shang Tsung and he hits you, don't quit.
Just beat him, flawless or not, and when it says finish him, pause and go to character select to try again.

It will not count as a loss.
It almost didn't happen, but I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried for almost 35 minutes earlier using all sorts of tactics, and at one point the game froze in me in the middle of my battle with Shang!! I shut the game off and was so pissed, and had put another game in and then i was like "F no!!! Im not stopping like that" i took the other game out and put MK back in. It took me another 45 minutes, but i finally got the cheap SOB using Scorpion.

SO MANY TIMES id flawless the first round, get halfway through the second, need to hit him like 2 more times and he'd pull a fireball out of his rear end or something and screw me over. I swear they programmed the AI on purpose to do that stuff. Anyhow, im glad as hell that's over with!!!! By far one of the most irritating trophies ive EVER done.