Scorpion's Illegal Adventure

Chapter 15

"AAAAH NOT AGAIN!" Scorpion said as he dropped to the ground, nuts kicked for the second time that day.

Dude get him to some doctor in the Netherrealm already...HIS BALLS ARE GONNA HURT SO MUCH SOMEONE MIGHT CASTRATE HIM! :rofl:
NS, you are out of school.

Today I decided that I would begin my own MK story. As you (should) know, I am already very accomplished in the art of render editing and signature making. Now I shall bestow upon thee a magical readable tale of thievery, prostitution, evading police, and other fine illegal acts that will be done by the lovely characters of Mortal Kombat. It is my first MK fan fic, and I hope its mediocre comedy makes it worth the time.

Mediocre? NS, you've got to be kidding. Remember out chat yesterday...Hope your hiatus ends soon!
Chapter 16

The map showed the museum's location all the way on the other side of town. Scorpion's troubles had driven him far off track. But now that he was equipped with this map and a shitty PT Cruiser, he finally had what he needed to make it there. He wasted no time, speeding down the road faster than it takes a young hentai fan to spermulate his pants upon viewing naughty art of transsexual policemen.

Speaking of policemen, an officer was hot on Scorpion's trail as he was going 60 in a 55. Needless to say, he wasn't pulling over any time soon. So he summoned his inner badassery and took out his spear. He put his car on cruise control then slung it into the cop car's grill. Then, like a boss, he jerked the car to the side with ferocious force, pulling it directly into the path of an oncoming 18 wheeler.

He pulled his spear back as the cop car was crushed by the big rig in an intensely awesome manner. Slow motion would certainly be used if this was a movie.

Scorpion pulled off onto a highway, leading him straight onto The Bridge. He weaved in and out of lanes, hitting death-defying speeds of 62 miles an hour in his PT Cruiser. He was about halfway over the bridge when a series of bombs and missiles fell from the sky, hitting multiple cars and blowing the bridge apart. The shockwaves tossed Scorpion's shitty car into the air, landing upside-down on its roof.

Terror and confusion took over the area as bombs continued to damage the bridge, destroying any vehicle nearby. Scorpion peeked his head out from his wreckage to see nothing but cars exploding and pieces of the bridge crumbling off. He stayed under the wrecked Cruiser until the bombs stopped dropping.

Once the barrage was over with, Scorpion crawled out to assess the chaos. He looked up to see two robotic figures flying down into the destruction. They appeared to be checking for survivors to kill. One was colored red, the other yellow. They were none other than the dynamic duo of Sexor and Cyrash.

Cyrax turned around to notice Scorpion, still alive and standing. His chest compartment opened as a bomb shot out into Scorpion's direction. With quick reflexes, Scorpion jumped out of the way. The bomb exploded, blowing the shitty PT Cruiser into pieces.

"Dammit Cyrax, can't you do better than that? One measly human and you miss him," Sektor said. He shot a missle to Scorpion but it also missed its target.

"Well look who's talking," Cyrax retorted.

The smoke cleared as Scorpion emerged, walking towards the cyborgs. "So what are you doing here? What's all these bombs for? I'm having a horrible day already, I really don't need this shit," he said.

"We're exterminating the pests. Once they're all gone, we'll use what's left for the Tekunin. As of right now, we're getting rid of this bridge to close off this island," Sektor told Scorpion.

Scorpion looked at the two and began to notice that they were members of the Lin Kuei. He was originally going to bargain with them to let him by and avoid confrontation, but he wouldn't ever let Lin Kuei scum out of his sights alive. "Well I'm sorry, but you won't be doing that. Now if you would please just let me kill you now, we won't have to go through such trouble," he said.

"It won't be that easy!" Cyrax shouted as he took out his saw blade-hand thing dashed over to Scorpion. He swung at Scorpion's neck but Scorpion ducked and hit him with a strong uppercut. He hit Cyrax with a roundhouse to the face, knocking him over as Sektor teleported and then came up at Scorpion with his own uppercut. Scorpion fell back as Sektor jumped into the air and onto his chest. He pointed his flamethrowers at Scorpion and shot them into Scorpion's face. But to his surprise, it had no effect. Scorpion began to laugh as he grabbed Sektor's arms and tossed him aside. He got up as Cyrax ran over and threw a bomb at him. Scorpion caught the bomb and quickly threw it back at Cyrax as it detonated. Cyrax suffered severe damage as the bomb blew off a part of his head and a chunk of his chest.

Sektor came back at Scorpion and hit him with an elbow to the head. He then flew up into the air and unleashed dozens of missiles at him. But before they reached him, Scorpion teleported out of the way. A massive cloud of smoke and dust formed in the air, making it hard to see anything. Sektor flew back down to look for Scorpion. As the dust began to vanish, Sektor was stuck in the back of the head by Scorpion's spear. Scorpion reeled him in and began to wrap the spear's chain around Sektor's neck. He started pulling and tugging, crushing Sektor's cybernetic throat. Sektor struggled to free himself, hitting Scorpion with his elbow. The chain tightened, squeezing the power out of Sektor's CPU connection. Scorpion gripped Sektor's head and shouted loudly as he ripped it from his body. Sektor's corpse fell to the pavement with gallons of oil pouring out, like blood in Skarlet's period.

Scorpion tossed Sektor's head to the ground and then stomped on it, crushing it like a metallic pancake. He then set his sights to Cyrax, who was still on the ground crying about his face. He grabbed Cyrax by the dreads and lifted him up. Cyrax had no time for last words as Scorpion punched his fist into his chest and let out a burst of flame. The bombs inside of Cyrax went off as he exploded into a massive ball of fire and body parts.

Scorpion, lit on fire from the explosion, walked off as he planned his way onto the other side of the crumbled bridge.
Whoa. Metalheads. Poor-quality droids, the Lin Kuei suck at building. Ok, the hiatus is over, isn't it?
Chapter 17

News helicopters began to fly in as the city was put under evacuation. Even more helicopters from the police force took to the skies as parts of the town were also hit and decimated by the blasts of Cyrax and Sektor. Traffic was backed up as masses of people hit the highways on their way to the other bridges leading out of the city. Sirens went off as the city was in chaos.

Scorpion stood on the edge of the broken bridge as he watched it all from a distance. He thought to himself about how this was all for nothing, being he had just killed the two cybernetic terrorists, ending their plans to destroy the rest of the city. However, the confusion and hysteria didn't mean much to him as he was still on his mission to get to the museum for The Staff.

He disappeared into a wisp of flame as he teleported to the other side of the bridge. People were running around in the streets, looters were looting, and some crazy folk even blamed all of it on the Middle East. That was probably the common conception, that this attack was from Al-Qaeda or something. But they would have never believed that it was from a pair of Ketchup and Mustard-colored cyborgs.

Scorpion took out his map to see that he was still nowhere near the museum. However it couldn't be too hard to steal a car during a town evactuation. So he looked around for something good, something better than the pieces of shit he'd been driving. He spotted a parked truck, a newer model. He wasted no time breaking through the glass and getting in. Scorpion tried to start the truck but then he realized there were no keys in it. He didn't know hotwiring so he got out and searched for another vehicle-one with keys in it.

It was obviously not as easy as it seemed because every vehicle in the area he got into was key-less. The movie-style convenience wasn't happening anymore.

Scorpion was in the middle of searching a car for its key when he heard a loud, deep, rattling noise. He looked out and saw two tanks and a few military vehicles roll in. He figured it was for the evacuation so he kept on looking for some keys. But then a military soldier came to the window and shouted, "OUT OF THE VEHICLE, NOW!"

Scorpion looked at him with confusion. "The problem's been taken care of sir, no one's attacking your city anymore," he said.

He forgot that the police force was on a manhunt for him all day. The soldier stuck his gun to Scorpion's face and ordered him out of the car. But Scorpion suddenly ignited himself into a ball of fire, causing the car to explode, blasting the soldier to a crisp. A wall of flame took over the scene as Scorpion emerged from it, heading straight for the rest of the squad at a steady pace.

"OPEN FIRE" the general shouted. The soldier pulled the triggers on their automatic rifles and unleashed thousands of bullets on Scorpion. But he was ready for them, and teleported onto the top of one of the tanks. He took off his mask and blasted his Toasty onto the group of footsoldiers, burning them all up. Then he put his mask back on, opened the hatch, and dropped into the tank. He took his spear blade and stabbed the driver in the throat and pushed him out of the seat. Now he had himself a new vehicle. One with excellent armor and strength, and a nice load of missiles to shoot. But then he realized he had no idea how to operate a tank, and climbed back out of it with great disappointment.

But he didn't need a tank. All he needed was to get the military off his ass and find a quick ride to the museum (like that would be easy). He stepped out onto the top of the tank as the other tank shot a missile at him. He quickly jumped off of the tank with a front-flip as the missile hit it, blowing it apart. Debris from the destroyed tank rained upon the street as Scorpion landed on the ground. The other tank aimed its cannon directly at Scorpion and prepared to fire another missile. Scorpion dashed over to the tank and jumped into the air. He swiftly took out his sword in midair and then landed onto the roof of the tank. He ripped open its hatch and stabbed the driver in the head, piercing through his helmet and straight into his brain.

He put the sword back in its sheath and looked around the area. All the soldiers were dead, but the military trucks were still in good shape. He knew he was in luck as he hopped off the tank and ran over to one of the trucks. He started it up and drove off in excitement. He had gotten rid of the army squad, stole one of their trucks, and had nothing in his way as he was finally on track to the museum. He sped up as there was no traffic left in the evacuated city. The speedometer hit over 100 as he flew down the boulevard. He slowed down a bit to check his map. He only had a few more turns before he'd reach the museum.

But of course, nothing goes as planned. A sharp knife came out of nowhere and pierced one of the truck's tires. Scorpion started swerving and the truck went rolling onto its side. Once it stopped rolling, Scorpion got out in frustration, angry that he had wrecked another vehicle even though he didn't snap his neck in the process.


He looked over in the direction of the knife and saw a figure dressed in military armor. Wearing a bandana rather than a helmet, he didn't seem like a normal soldier. The man walked over to Scorpion. It was Kobra, the Black Dragon Mercenary. But this story takes place during the MK3 time period, Kobra had yet to even join the Black Dragon. At this time, he was a special operative in the military. One that was an expert in hand-to-hand kombat.

"I've been sent to kill you, Scorpion," he said.

"You don't say?" Scorpion asked in a sarcastic tone. "I would have thought so by the way you took out my tire."

"No time for chatter, let's get this over with. I'll be glorified by taking down someone like you!" Kobra boasted.

"Alright, bring it on," Scorpion said as he took a fighting stance.
Ah man the pt cruiser is gone. Ah well, I'm so happy you updated because this made me smile. Also great actikn btw
Hey NS, now that Scorpion's done with the PT, can I have it to demolish it and stuff? Kano just brought in a stash of RPGs!