Scorpion's hunt!


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Frustrated roars and the sounds of ribs being broken were the only noises that could be heard inside of the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung�s chamber in which he hid his two bodyguards. The vengeful specter Scorpion had come looking for Quan Chi, only to somehow get himself in a fight with a pair of very vicious and hungry oni who were getting annoyed that the ninja just wouldn�t submit. The giant oni Moloch swung at Scorpion with his ball which was fused to his hand, only for Scorpion to duck beneath the blow and deliver a jaw breaking kick to Moloch�s lower jaw which shattered from the attack. Moloch�s fellow oni, Dhramin took this as his chance to strike, but for all of his effort, all he received was a spear cutting across his chest. Moloch�s eyes turned bright yellow in anger as he quickly recovered and right after Scorpion�s feet touched the ground; he grabbed Scorpion by the back of the neck and before the ninja could do anything, Moloch had slammed his ball right into the back of Scorpion�s head, nearly breaking his neck and or almost fracturing his skull.
Scorpion�s mouth guard soon began to bleed red as blood from the huge gash that Moloch�s blow had inflicted soaked his mouth piece. Dhramin, ignored the pain from the cut that Scorpion�s spear had made and as Moloch dropped Scorpion�s apparently limp body to the ground, Dhramin cracked some more of Scorpion�s bones by hitting him right in the side with his iron club. The blow also sent the specter flying through a stone pillar which stunned Drahmin for a second as a lone piece of stone hit the oni in the head. This momentary distraction was all that was needed as a familiar spear pierced Dhramin�s chest and pulled him towards the man who he thought Moloch and him had killed. Scorpion, who appeared to be struggling to stay standing, let alone fight glared at the two oni. But, that didn�t matter to Scorpion who once he had pulled Drahmin close enough, he slammed the palm of his hand right into the oni�s face leaving a crack in his mask and breaking his nose behind it.
But, Scorpion wasn�t done yet he kept pushing Drahmin until he slammed him into the ground, head first. He then pulled out his sword and would have surely stabbed Dhramin in the heart with it, if Moloch hadn�t come to his partner�s aid. Scorpion as injured as he was still dodged Moloch�s brutish attacks and managed to get a good sized cut on the bigger oni�s right shoulder. But, not before Moloch kneed him right in the chest, making the specter hack up blood. Scorpion knew he would have to finish the fight before Dhramin got back up and so he drove his spear into Moloch�s side and using almost all of his strength to seemingly pull Moloch towards him. But, sadly it was all a act as Moloch let out a loud sigh which sucked Scorpion in and allowed Moloch to inflict the knock out blow by nearly smashing Scorpion�s back as he slammed his ball right on the ninja�s back sending him hard into the floor cracking it once he hit.
Moloch, then let loose a mighty roar of victory as he had finally knocked out this annoying ninja pest. Drhamin got up from the ground and knowing that since Scorpion was a specter, the two onis couldn�t devour him they would dispose of this pest by another cruel means. With Moloch, lifting him over his shoulder both him and Drahmin arrived at the source of all Shang Tsung�s souls or as he called it : The Soulnado. Knowing how many pure souls must have been in the soulnado the two onis chuckled with glee as they chucked Scorpion in, hoping that the purity would tear him apart. If Scorpion hadn�t awoke right when he had been tossed in the Soulnado, he surely would have been �killed� for good. The specter broke free from the thousands of poor souls that tried to rip Scorpion apart but after he tore away from the souls that first held him, more just tightened their grip on the ninja. Scorpion, couldn�t die here�he had to make Quan Chi pay for what he had done to his clan and family. Using the last of his energy, Scorpion, took off his �mask� to revel his flaming skull underneath and he filled the Soulnado with flames that were much stronger than regular flames, as these flames originated from the fiery pits of the Netherealm.
Even though he knew this still might save him, Scorpion would find some way back to get his revenge on Quan Chi, so he kept pouring on the fire which when Scorpion used all of his energy the heat of the fire proved too much for the souls and they soon fled back to the Heavens, as it then sealed when the last soul left, effectively closing off Shang Tsung�s unlimited supply of souls. Scorpion, who had used up the remaining energy he had left collapsed to the ground and as if against his will his eyes shut and Scorpion thought he would awake in the Nettherrealm, but the place he woke up to see was NOTHING like his realm. But at least for some strange reason he had his energy back. This place had banners of Shao Khan everywhere, but the stone walls had cracks in them as if a huge battle had taken place here. Scorpion carefully walked around thinking that enemies could be anywhere. While sneaking around the mysterious place, the specter nearly fell to his death. Scorpion �s eyes filled with hellfire as he turned to see what had the nerve to grab him. The figure resembled one of those cyborg Lin Kuei, Scorpion had seen in his many travels but their were dents and cracks in his armor and his helmet lenses showed lifeless eyes underneath.
Scorpion was confused at how a dead man could grab him, perhaps it was just something he was programmed to do if he �died�. But Scorps brushed that idea from his head, as he used his spear to stab the cyborg’s hand which made it release his ankle. Scorpion, then brushed himself off and continued on, but stopped when he heard footsteps. The ninja knew it couldn’t have been the cyborg so Scorpion hid on the ceiling use his spear to hold him their. If only the �man� could have seen the shocked expression on the specters’ face, as the mysterious man was none other than the original Sub-Zero who Scorpion thought he had killed. Scorpion was beyond furious that he saw his prey walk the Earth once again. Although Scorpion didn’t hate the former Lin Kuei ,as much because he really wasn’t the Shriai Ryu clans murderer
. But still he was Scorpion�s murderer and that was all the reason the specter needed as he remembered tearing the Elder Sub- Zero�s spine from his body. It appears that he would have to do it again. But not before seeing why the �ninja� was here in the first place. Scorpion was confused as �Sub-Zero� (Scorpion doesn�t know him as Noob Saibot. Only as Sub-Zero) bent down and injected something into the robot which made the armor peel away as the cyborg�s body turned into something resembling smoke. Scorpion now thought that maybe Sub Zero was taking the cyborg as a slave. Hearing SZ�s bragging about how he was going to now rule Outworld proved too much for Scorpion who leapt down from the ceiling with a kick aimed at Sub Zero�s back. But even though the warrior wasn�t even looking at Scorpion, he blocked the kick and threw Scorpion into the wall smashing some of it. While Scorpion struggled to rise the warrior Scorpion thought was Sub Zero kicked him down some of the stairs so he could wonder who the warrior was. But as Scorpion came charging back at him with a punch aimed at his face, �Sub Zero� quickly blocked it but was knocked back by a knee to the chest. It was then �Sub-Zero� figured out who it was. �After all these years, I would have thought you found your clan�s real murderer and slayed him. But like the fool you always were you didn�t and in a way I�m glad that you found me Scorpion..You will provide my new servant Smoke very needed practice. I will even get to avenge my death at your sickening cold hands.� Noob growled as Scorpion just spit and drew his sword and tried to do a flaming kick on Noob only for him to block the kick and elbow Scropion into the wall, while Smoke sat their motionless. �How did you come back to life and what are you??! Answer me Sub Zero!!!!�, The specter angrily demanded as Noob chuckled and after smacking Scorpion aside he explained. �You idiot. I am no longer that weak being known as Sub-Zero. I am a wraith much like yourself, but in many ways superior. You will also refer to your new master as Noob Saibo-accckk!�, Those were the only sounds Noob could get out, as Scorpion who was fueled by the comparison Noob had made with him and so he began choking the wraith tightly.
“I’m nothing like you!!!! I will make sure your death sticks this time and you will never rule this realm Saibot!! I WON�T LET A MONSTER LIKE YOU GET POWER!! Burn with the fires from hell..Saibot!!!�, Scorpion yelled as he pulled off his mask and got ready to burn Saibot�s face with his hell fire. But, he never got that chance as Noob began screaming for Smoke who as far as Scorpion knew was still lying on the ground and all Noob had done was change his appearance. Scorpion�s opinion changed very quickly after Smoke gave him a nose breaking kick to the face. �You fool even if you do manage to pin me down, Smoke will make sure you never deliver the killing blow. Come Smoke, lets rid ourselves of this nuisance once and for all!!!�, Noob said as he got into his monkey stance and Smoke got ready to use his programmed judo on the specter to protect his master. �Yes�Master Saibot. Target Scorpion will be eliminated..�, Smoke emotionlessly stated as Scorpion fixed his nose back into place and with his hellfire covering his blade, he leapt at the two enemies.

A split second before Scorpion’s blade connected with either of them, Smoke disappeared in a cloud of smoke, while Noob sunk into the ground. This led to Scorpion stumbling which would then allow Noob to rise from the ground behind Scorpion and deliver a stunning blow to the back of the specter’s head. Smoke would then appear in front of the stunned specter and slam his knee into his face breaking his nose and sending him flying down more flights of stairs. But, then he got his ‘revenge’ when he stuck his spear into the wall and used it to fling himself back up, delivering a swift kick in the face to Noob who didn’t get time to dodge. But doing this led to Scorpion leaving himself wide open for Smoke’s attack who then karate chopped Scorpion on both sides of his neck, making the specter wheeze and recoil. Noob would then recover from the kick and draw his troll hammer as he got back up and swung it at Scorpion who recovered fast enough to swing his sword at Saibot. Sadly, the hammer connected first sending Scorpion falling off the stairway, but he managed to severe one of Noob’s arms which made the specter laugh as he descended toward the bottom of the dungeon. The wraith would curse his murderer as Smoke tried his best to stop his master’s stump from releasing any more black blood.

Meanwhile, Scorpion would slow his descent somewhat by hooking his spear on one of the walls but it soon slid out and Scorpion still landed on the bottom breaking some of his ribs and making him dizzy for a while. But, he then pulled himself together as he rose up and with his sword in hand, he used what little magic he had left to teleport back to where Saibot and Smoke were, only for the duo to have left by then. Scorpion would scream in pure anger as he pulled off his ‘mask’ and shot balls of hellfire from his mouth at random. But, then Scorpion would decide he would have to rest here for the night, because if this WAS Shao Khan’s dungeon, who knows what else could be lurking in the depths of this horrible place. So, rest Scorpion did, after finding a suitable hiding spot of course, and he then awoke the next day seeing two Tarakatan guards reading a scroll which seemed to have the words destruction, power, and deaths as the title. Now being refreshed, Scorpion knew he could take these two easily, but he would still have to keep a low profile and avoid if at any of Shao Khan’s generals or Kahn Guards. But, to prepare for when he fought Noob again, he needed some practice and hopefully these two would provide it. So drawing his sword, Scorpion leapt out slashing the first tarakatan straight down the middle, as the second extended his blades and would have left out a growl if Scorpion hadn’t decapitated him. Meh, these two were far too easy to kill.

Scorpion needed more of a challenge before he pursued after Noob and Smoke. He was about to walk away, until he noticed he had the paper the now two deceased tarkatans were reading. Apparently, from what Scorpion could gather, Raiden confronted the Deadly Alliance, lost and Shang Tsung was soon killed by the Dragon King’s army who Quan Chi had secretly ordered to kill Shang Tsung incase he ever betrayed him. But, just then Onaga the TRUE Dragon King emerged from the entrance of the palace as the soldiers then disobey Quan Chi’s orders to attack and simply bowed before their true master. Raiden then awoke and along with Quan Chi tried their best to stop the Dragon King, but their efforts would be in vain as Onaga, endured the attacks and continued marching toward the two. The battle ended when Raiden latched onto Onaga and somehow exploded killing him and Quan Chi, along with destroying Onaga’s entire army, but even at point blank range the Dragon King was unharmed.
Scorpion crumpled up the piece of paper as he then put it in his pocket. Whatever happened to the realms didn’t matter to him one bit. The Dragon King could kill the Elder Gods for all Scorpion cared, as he was entirely focused on finding a way out of here and finding and killing Noob for the last time. But then Scorpion would have to retreat into his hiding hole as he could hear multiple foot steps which got louder and louder as they got closer. Eventually the ground began to shake somewhat as Scorpion peeked out and saw what the emperor called a Tormentor stomping through the dungeon with a muzzle around its mouth and its arms chained together. Behind it would be two tarakatans that would force the creature to keep on moving by poking it in the ankles with their blades.
“Heh, did you hear about Quan Chi’s death?”, The first tarkatan asked as the second one chuckled and nodded yes. This then got the two of them to talk about how before Quan Chi had killed nearly every Earth realm Hero and massacred those damn Shirai Ryu freaks. Normally, Scorpion would ignore the other insults as they had nothing to do with how to get home. But, that last one about the Shirai Ryu being freaks enraged the spector who then leapt from his hiding spot and hacked off the the first tarkatan’s head with a quick lop of his sword. He then cut the other’s legs off at the knees as he then looked at him in disgust.

The bleeding Tarkatan would beg the specter not to kill him which the specter nodded yes to but then he began walking away as he sheathed his sword and with that the Tormentor’s muzzle fell off and his chains snapped. It then looked hungrily down at the crippled Tarkartan who tried crawling away using his blades. But, this would only make the Tormentor use the blades as toothpicks to clean out whatever was left the poor demon human hybrid. Scorpion would then sigh as the Tormentor, not knowing the concept of gratefulness turned and attacked Scorpion who quickly teleported by the Tormentor’s left leg and with a quick slash from his sword, the creature roared in pain as it stumbled back. It would then lunge at Scorpion with mouth wide open, in one last desperate attempt to eat the specter. This would be the last mistake the Tormentor would ever make as Scorpion drove his spear into the creature’s forehead as he then used it to get on top of its head. It let out one more roar in confusion as Scorpion then drove his hellfire covered sword into the creature’s head frying its brain and slicing the giant as it then tumbled forward , which was the signal for Scorpion to jump down so the deceased monster wouldn’t land on him. But, little did Scorpion know that he was still not alone. The noise had attracted the attention of the leader of the taraktans better known as Baraka. Scorpion barely had time to dodge before Baraka leapt at him. His katana collided with Baraka’s tarkatan blades as the monstrosity got up in Scorpion’s face.

“So, I see you have decided to be a fool and try to invade Shao Khan’s castle. I might not be able to kill you permanently spectre, but I will make sure this ‘death’ is most painful!”, The tarkatan promised as Scorpion ignored the remark and with one hand held off Baraka’s brute like slashes . Baraka enraged that Scorpion seemed so disinterested in the fight, scratched his blades together to send a projectile off at Scorpion who simply dodged it and having had enough of the tarkatan stabbed him with his spear and yanked him towards him. Scorpion would then impale Baraka in the chest with his blade as Baraka’s insides were roasted by the hellfire that came off the undead ninja’s sword. Scorpion would then remove his blade as he then decapitated the corpse and took Baraka’s head as a trophy. Scorpion then stopped as he heard footsteps behind him. He would then turn around to confront the threat, only for nothing to be their. Scorpion would sigh as he turned around only to get a hammer smashed into his face sending him to the ground. Scorpion would hack up blood as his vision became blurry. He could barley make out the identity of his attacker.
It was none other than Shao Khan! Before he blacked out Scorpion was confused, as he thought that the Deadly Alliance had killed Shao Khan. But a boot to the face knocked him out. He awoke in a dark and wet place, with cells like it was a prison. The spectre rubbed his head, with it still being sore from getting nailed in the head with Khan’s War Hammer. He would then try to teleport out of this place only for nothing to happen. The undead warrior would growl but then looked up at a little hole which the former Emperor of Outworld was peeking through.
“So, you were the one who dared invade my dungeon. Well, Spectre although Onaga has arisen, it will not stop me from regaining my spot as Emperor out of Outworld. But, first a pesky intruder like yourself deserves a severe punishment. So that you shall receive…”, Shao Khan said as he closed the hole before Scorpion could get his spear through. Scorpion would growl in anger but would then stop and look around, as he heard stomping. Scorpion then drew his sword, as he saw his opponent. It was none other than the former champion of Mortal Kombat: The Shokhan Prince Goro! The four armed creature would roar loudly as he then charged at the spectre.
I like it. If not the subject matter, the creativity is and I share a flare for writing. I have also conjured several MK related stories.