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Ok I'm confused, the story between Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Quan Chi has often confused me. And I posted it here because it's in MK4 and Gold I get lost. Ok for one in UMK3 at the end, it is said that Scorpion becomes the protector for the younger Sub-Zero(with the scar, I think) then at the of MK4 he defeated younger Sub-Zero. If he was the protector why'd they fight? So this is what I got from all the readings on Mortal Kombat Warehouse. Scorpion was killed by older Sub-Zero, sent to Netherrealm. He then comes back and kills older Sub-Zero (MK1). He joins Khan's tournament to kill the new Sub-Zero to find it is the younger Sub-Zero, whom Scorpion vows to protect (MK2). Scorpion defeats Khan keeping his vow to protect young Sub-Zero (UMK3). Here's where I get confused: Quan Chi makes a deal with Scorpion, life for his services, being that Scorpion accepts I assuming that voids his oath of protect young Sub-Zero. Since it looks like in the ending, Scorpion forgets that young Sub-Zero has nothing to do with his death or his clan, because he accuses him of it. Then young Sub-Zero reveals that the reason for his clan and family's was because of Quan Chi (MK4 and Gold). Then the next few Scorpion's vendetta on Sub-Zero switches to Quan Chi which I understand. So is that right? Anyone? Please...
I believe that they completely tossed out the idea of Scorpion as a protector for MK4, which explains the inconsistencies better than anything else. Not only did they decide that he didn't vow to protect the younger Sub-Zero, they decided that he didn't even know he wasn't the same guy who killed him.

It is confusing, without a doubt, but I think the bottom line is that the MK team doesn't always do the best job of sticking with their own story. If it helps, knowing that all endings are "what if"s and conditional upon the character in question actually winning the tournament, you can ignore those endings simply because we know he didn't win those tournaments.
I always thought it was like this: Scorpion was killed by Sub-Zero and then comes back for revenge and kills Sub-Zero. He then vows to protect his brother after discovering it's not the Sub-Zero who killed him etc. Until Quan Chi framed the young Sub-Zero with killing Scorpions family and clan in hopes of making Scorpion kill Sub-Zero for him (as Quan Chi refers to Sub-Zero as his "Nemises") which is what makes Scorpion turn against him until Scorpion finds out Quan Chi killed them and so on. The main thing I didn't get was why Quan Chi had a vendetta against the young Sub-Zero in MK4?
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If he was the protector why'd they fight?

You know, sometimes friends fight each others in Mortal Kombat... With Jax, i've killed Sonya a thousand times :)

About Sub-Zero, what i don't understand is : why does the younger brother appears as an asian ninja at the end of MK2, and why does he looks like a black haired caucasian when he come back unmasked in MK3 ?

Anyway, i agree : sometime MK team seem overflowed by their own stories ! (the most ridiculous goes to MK Armageddon : "there is too much fighters, etc. etc."... ahah !)
They retcon the story constantly. The new MK is going to rewrite history again so its kinda pointless to try and make sense of it right now.
Alright, im gonna make a timeline of events regarding this story to end all confusion

MK Mythologies Sub Zero - Scorpion and ORIGINAL sub zero are BOTH hired by Quan Chi to steal the sacred map of elements for him, in case one fails. Both scorpion and sub zero are unknown to this and when they meet, the fight to the death since theyre from rival clans. Sub Zero kills scorpion and returns to the lin kuei palace and gives the map to quan chi. As payment, quan chi kills scorpions family and clan so the lin kuei doesnt have to worry about another rival clan.

Pre MK1 - Scorpions soul is brought back to life as a spectre (we now know quan chi does this from scorpions bio video). He is under the impression that sub zero murdered his family and clan and swears revenge.

MK1 - Scorpion kills sub zero in battle and thinks he got his revenge.

MK2 - Scorpion sees sub zero again and is outraged because he thought he killed his rival. However, this is YOUNGER sub zero. Scorpion realizes this because he sees younger sub zero spare the life of a defeated opponent. Scorpion then vows to be the protector of the younger sub zero in atonement for killing his brother.

UMK3 - Scorpion gets enlisted as one of shao kahns warriors to eliminate the earth warriors. However, he sees that sub zero is part of the earth warriors, so he switches sides and helps earth defeat kahn.

MK4 - Scorpions soul has no purpose now basically. However, Quan chi then deceives scorpion by claiming that younger sub zero had something to do with the murder of his family and clan. Quan Chi does this because he wanted to use scorpion to defeat sub zero, who could possibly get in the way of shinnok and himself. Outraged, scorpion vows to exact revenge and takes back his oath to protect younger sub zero. He defeats sub zero in battle and before he was about to finish him, sub zero kept telling him he did not kill scorpions family and clan. Quan Chi then reveals himself to be the murderer and then told scorpion he was using him. While Quan Chi was trying to send scorpion back to the netherrealm, scorpion ran at him, which resulted in both of them being sent to the netherrealm. From MK:DA onwards, scorpion is hunting Quan Chi.

Now, since the upcoming game is a reboot and we are following the events of MK 1 - 3, we have to think in terms of that story. Quan Chi doesnt get introduced until MK4, so it makes sense that in scorpions bio video, it says that OLDER sub zero killed his family and clan.

And for thexx25, sub zero is actually half american, half chinese (or japanese, cant remember lol). i guess they decided to ultimately make him more white, because its been the case since MK3. They did the same thing with Kano, originally he was American Japanese, but the movie adaptation of Kano was so well received as an australian, they made him australian in the later games as well.
Thanks Taj, but if the upcoming game is rebooting 1-3 then why is Quan Chi mentioned?

Np and i guess they wanted to clarify to us how he got resurrected and became a spectre, and also, the bio video is from scorpions point of view as well, and at this point HE thinks that sub zero killed his family and clan. Also i dont think he even knows quan chi resurrected him.

What i really meant to say is that we cant include quan chi in the scorpion - sub zero beef at this time.
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MK_Stryker, I just noticed your Xbox Live account is Stryker452, funny I used to go by the name Stryker45. I don't remember why I picked '45' though.
Thexx25 both sub zero's father is Chinese/Asian/yellow man lol and their mother is Caucasian/white. Lol they should've let them stay pure Chinese just like before mk3. It wasn't until mk3 when they reveal that their mother is white explaining the reason why there was a black hair white guy portraying sub zero and not like mk2 portrayed by an Asian guy.