Scorpion in the NetherRealm Part 2.


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After Quan Chi has killed Scorpion's family and the rest of his clan's existance, he traveled back to the NetherRealm. Scorpion was put into a dungeon where other lost souls are held in the NetherRealm. In the dungeon, Scorpion had met other visitors in the dungeon. He had seen many oni inside of the dungeon which tried to attack at scorpion, and another person who was too dark for Scorpion to see clearly, it was a silhouette of a person who claimed he was "a Brother of the Shadow." Another person who was inside of the dungeon was a tall man in red and gray clothing, his name is Shinnok, the emporer of the NetherRealm.

Scorpion was confused by what was going on, he tried to ask what he was doing here. "What is this place and why am I here?" Said Scorpion. "You are a lost soul, you have been brought to this dungeon as you have been rejected by your own Realm, and you are here to rot here, forever." Said Shinnok. "A man named Quan Chi says that my nemesis Sub-Zero has killed me, which sent me to this Realm afterwards, and that he also killed my family, and every last existence of my clan, the Shirai Ryu." Said Scorpion. "So after your death, you have been sent to this dungeon in this Realm, as your soul has been tainted with evil." Said Shinnok.

Several hours later, Scorpion was sitting in the corner of the dungeon, when sometime, he got a surprise guest in the dungeon. It was Sub-Zero, and Scorpion was furious to see him. "Now, I will have my revenge." Said Scorpion. "Who are you?" Said Sub-Zero. "I am Scorpion, you killed me in cold blood." Said Scorpion. "And not only was it enough to finish me, but you also had kill my wife and children, and wipe all of my clans existence by killing all people associated." Said Scorpion. "I am not the killer of your family and clan, Quan Chi was responsible for killing them." Said Sub-Zero. "Words will not save you, Lin Kuei Warrior." Said Scorpion.

Once again, Sub-Zero had defeated Scorpion. After that, Sub-Zero had escaped the dungeon and left Scorpion laying on the floor.Shinnok walked up to Scorpion, and talked to him. "You know, if you can do a small task for me, we will be able to escape this dungeon, and even this entire Realm." Said Shinnok. "Go on." Said Scorpion. " If you try to retrieve my amulet, we can be able to escape this Realm and travel to any Realm that we wish, even back to the EarthRealm." Said Shinnok. "Where can I find your amulet?" Asked Scorpion. "Quan Chi currently holds the amulet, you can get it from him by going to his headquarters at the Sea of Immortality, take this map and you will be able to find it." Said Shinnok, handing Scorpion the map of the NetherRealm. "I will do it." Said Scorpion, receiving the map. So Scorpion got the chance to leave the dungeon for once after getting privileges to leave to find the amulet. Although Scorpion tried hard to try and travel, every time he tried he just failed to do it. Scorpion was brought back to the dungeon and was kept their for a long period of time until two years later, when Mortal Kombat has begun.
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