Scorpion Fatality!


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Ok, here is an old idea I had on how I've always wished Scorpion to use his spear and his breath of fire in one single fatality.
Don't look at the quality, this is most of a copy and paste job. It's the "idea" that I like:






That looks svveet, with 2 v's! But maybe you could have used a better concept. I mean, its kinda pointless to spear AND burn if he's just standing their waiting to be fatalitized. Maybe you could of had him set the spear's rope on fire and watch it burn its way to the opponent and boom! original fake.

Anyway, on this fake, I give it a 10/10. The mere thought that you spent your time to show us, frame by frame, what happened is worthy of that in itself, but you actually did it good! Your an amazing artists :o
Yours is not a bad idea neither ;) better I would say.
another thing that I wanted to point out is the fact that the oponent is trying to escape the fatality (2nd pic). haha
:? ... really man. i don't like to be a dick (nor do i mean to), or to contradict, when so many disagree with me... but seriously... i expected better from you. the fakes i've seen from you smoke the hell out of mine. but this....

well, i know you told me to ignore the quality, but im trying to figure out how this happened man. everything you've produced has always been full quality, so if the quality was out of your control, THEN i understand... because it looks like you're prog was messed up or something... unless you did that on purpose?

anyway... i like you're idea but don't you think it would make more sense for scorpion to take off his mask first? that would give the opponent a reason to be frightened into running........ THEN he harpoons his ass to get coward back and kill him.

once again... i know you told us to ignore the quality, and im only saying this because im so surprised to see something like this coming from you. my respect for your skill makes me expect much much more.
at last its been ages since we've had a new fake posted,anyway i like it aspecialy the way reptile is trying to run away :) 9/10

>Reptile has green blood<

oh and i like your avatar to :D