Scorpion and Sub-Zero in Next Conquest Episode

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Next Week's episode of <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Mortal Kombat Conquest</A> promises to be a good one. In <B>The Serpent and the Ice</B>, <B>Scorpion</B> and <B>Sub-Zero</B> team up against <B>Kung Lao</B>, <B>Siro</B>, and <B>Taja</B>. Also, check out the new <B>Conquest website</B> @ <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent"></A>. They have run downs of all the episodes and many other awesome facts and information on <B>Conquest</B>. If you haven't been keeping up with the shows, read up on past episodes on the <B>Conquest Website</B> and tune into next week's episode (2/27 & 2/28). It promises to be a spectacular one. Check <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">this page</A> for times and days MK Conquest is airing in your area.