Rules regarding Homophobic Remarks

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Taj Gill

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Recently, a lot of reported posts have to do with the nature of using homophobic slurs on the Forum. Many Forum members, myself included, have been raised and brought up in a world where phrases such as "that's Gay!" or "don't be Gay!" are used to negatively describe something. I know that those phrases don't necessarily imply something as literally homosexual, but the fact of the matter is that the use of the word to negatively describe something is extremely offensive. There are many Gay members on this forum, why should their sexual orientation be used as a way to describe something negative?


If anyone is caught doing this, they will receive an INFRACTION and if they repeat the offence, they will be BANNED. I'm honestly baffled I have to write this post considering we're in 2015 and I expect people to adapt with the times, but so be it.

Secondly, debating about Homosexuality in Video Games can be done in a civil nature. In a game like Mortal Kombat, where the fighting, the battle between good and evil, are the focal points to the game, it can be argued that focusing on characters' sexual orientations would be a waste of time, and to blatantly point out a character being Gay may be done very stereotypically and thusly could be considered offensive. However, on the flipside, it is just as wrong if someone accuses people of trying to "Gay up" Mortal Kombat for wanting their community represented in the game. Again, we get it, communities would like to be represented, but in a game of this nature, there really isn't a point to it. At the same time, members should not be disrespectful to the people who'd like to see a member of their community in the game.

Thirdly, people need to understand jokes. Members should not get mad, angry, upset at members implying that some characters in MK are Gay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and most of the time it's done with tongue-in-cheek humour intended. For example, stuff along the lines of "Liu Kang and Kung Lao are exceptionally close, they could be lovers!" To take offence to that makes you look like a complete homophobe and bigot, which is not tolerated in an equal society. If members subsequently insult other members for making these jokes, you will receive an infraction, and depending on whether you sound extremely homophobic in your insults, you may be banned as well.

Hopefully we can all abide by these rules. Remember as the days, weeks, months and years go by, we look to decrease oppression in this world. We can all start by doing that in a forum.

Thank You,

The TRMK Staff.
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